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  1. That should be fine. It's not like a Boeing where TOGA actually causes your thrust to increase. As far as I know the only thing it does is modify the guidance provided by the flight director. I always press it before I start my takeoff roll.
  2. Can you record a video of you setting up the aircraft and the unexpected behavior? Not much to go on here but it generally flies the flight plan if you configure everything correctly.
  3. Totally understood on the first part. Just curious, could you elaborate on why this one in particular is difficult to fix? Going direct to a waypoint works correctly 100% of the time if you do it via LEGS rather than DIR INTC so I'm wondering what makes it a challenge to trigger the same logic from the other screen. Or is there some difference in what these are supposed to do that I'm not aware of?
  4. Agreed 100% -- it's a real asset to get clear examples of real issues from someone who has an extensive background with the real-world aircraft and this kind of feedback shouldn't be ignored. I wouldn't place most of these issues at the top of the priority list, but I would hope they would at least be acknowledged and prioritized appropriately. It's frustrating that many topics with real issues are completely overlooked but "Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it" responses are submitted within minutes of any hint of a solution in other threads. I think everyone understands that there's a lot of outstanding issues right now, not everything will be addressed, and it will take time for those that are selected to be fixed, but sometimes it seems like only the low-hanging fruit is looked at. In any case, thank you @KuntaKinte for all of the issues you have reported which aren't obvious to anyone who doesn't have hands-on experience with a real CRJ. I sincerely hope that your efforts don't go to waste. I think the CRJ is the best aircraft available in Flight Simulator at the moment and I have a lot of fun flying it, but there is potential for it to be so much better, and I hope Aerosoft pushes themselves to uphold a high standard. I think it's about 85% of the way to being great, but some of that 15% really detracts from the experience.
  5. This is especially true when a significant number of legitimate issues get posted here without any response at all, or replies like "we'll take a look" and then have no update in the next six months. A centralized list of issues and their status would be greatly appreciated. Asobo gets a lot of deserved flack for their update processes, but the way they list out and prioritize their open issues along with status and targeted release is quite good.
  6. The minimum runway length for the CRJ is 4500 ft and both runways at SBRJ are slightly less than that so the CRJ filters out the airport.
  7. I believe he's referring to a third-party application called YourControls which adds shared cockpit functionality so you and a friend can control the same plane. If you weren't aware of this, it's not the cause of your issue so please don't go deleting all of your control bindings.
  8. The developer immediately admitted to the mistake and submitted a fix as quickly as possible to get it resolved. Shit happens, and the issue was owned up to and communicated -- can't really ask for more than that. It's not a case of functionality that wasn't tested, it was a package that included an incorrect file. Now there's likely room to improve the testing process for packages submitted to Asobo which I hope are explored, but knowing that the problem occurred, I think the response was as good as could be hoped. Some of the hostile responses in this thread are ridiculous.
  9. Ah, thanks a lot, that makes it very clear. I'm a little unsure why that was considered such a big issue in the CRJ unless the alignment only makes sense if you're looking at it straight on, but always happy to hear that something is working more accurately.
  10. Can anyone provide a clear explanation of what exactly collimation means or better yet show a side-by-side comparison of what's fixed vs. what's broken? I haven't spent any time with the HUD but I've never understood what the complaint was about it.
  11. Yep, this is #1 on my wishlist of bugs that I'd like to see fixed. Getting the DIRECT functionality to actually go direct to a waypoint rather than the random (0) point and fixing the information displayed on the advisory VNAV to match the real-world functionality rather than what I assume is the calculated glide path. The former in particular is an awful bug that I'm shocked ever got through testing and has been allowed to stick around for so long.
  12. @SimWare I greatly appreciate the effort you made in typing up that response, but I don't actually have a problem with this to solve -- I think there has been a miscommunication here. When I wrote "I use the ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_SEL_INC and ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_SEL_DEC events", that was in response to another user who wasn't sure how to make the altitude decrease so I just said how I accomplished it using SPAD.neXt.
  13. I apologize -- I can't really provide any further insight. I'm extremely new to doing anything involving LVARs and only managed to make my altitude selector work by creating actions triggering the aforementioned events in SPAD.neXt.
  14. I'm afraid not; you'd have to repurchase it which is probably not worthwhile just to have everything in the same spot.
  15. Ah, good call. I can definitely see how it would be easier to display terrain information from an outside source rather than weather since that can be customized in the sim.
  16. I believe it's planned to come to Xbox eventually but there's quite a bit of work needed to make that happen so no timeframe yet. The controls have to be updated to be Xbox-compatible at the very least.
  17. Strange that didn't work correctly for me but I was able to get it to work by using the ASCRJ_FCP_HDG_SEL_INC and ASCRJ_FCP_HDG_SEL_DEC events instead of modifying the data variables.
  18. I haven't tested it thoroughly yet but this is what I'm using to increase my vertical speed. Decrease uses the ASP_VS_VAR_DEC event instead and then flip the decrement to increment on ASCRJ_FCP_WHEEL. I'd still really like to get some feedback on the HDG knob configuration from my previous post in this thread though.
  19. Just a heads up that Fenix seemingly got wiper effects working properly according to their latest previous screenshot so it's at least not impossible. I just noticed for the first time that their weather radar appears function as well, though I'm a bit skeptical on how they pulled that off if the necessary data hasn't yet been exposed by Asobo. They use mostly external systems rather than JavaScript or WASM though so maybe they found something that isn't otherwise available.
  20. It may be unrelated as I never tried it prior to the patch, but I purchased some new hardware (modules for the VKB Gladiator NXT) and am experiencing nothing but frustration trying to bind my controls using SPAD.neXt. Can anyone who uses LVARs to control a heading bug test their setup with the latest version, and if it works, report back with the action/rules they're using? It would be greatly appreciated as I'm driving myself crazy how to figure out how to use my new controls with the CRJ. At the moment I have these rules defined: Clockwise: Counterclockwise: The clockwise rotation works, but as soon as I tick it even once counterclockwise, all future actions are screwed up and it increments/decrements by 28 rather than 1. Here is a recording to demonstrate:
  21. I haven't purchased/installed the CRJ 900/1000 yet, but I did install the latest update to the 550/700 and notice that I'm no longer getting any sounds when turning the knobs (SPEED, HDG, ALT, BARO, etc.) If I spin them quickly and repeatedly many times I'll hear a single tick of the sound once in a while, but it's not working the same way it was before (which was correct).
  22. I don't think there's much Aerosoft can do about the marketplace. I avoid it unless that's the only place to purchase an add-on though, both because it seems unreliable, encrypts some of the files which could potentially prevent useful modifications, and most importantly has a brutal lead-time between when updates are submitted by developers and are actually published (currently I believe it's 8-12 weeks). I'd rather just pay the developers directly, giving them a bigger cut and (usually) getting access to quicker updates.
  23. Completely unrelated to the CRJ. If you're unable to change frequencies, I suspect you have the AI assistance options turned on, notably "AI Radio Communications (ATC)". When this is enabled, the CPU will forcibly dial you in to whatever frequency the built-in ATC expects you to be on.
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