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  1. Yeah I believe it’s much better that way, especially with more complex scripts and if there’s scripts that sim processes directly (for example indexed variables). Just for the info that if you have scripts which are not assigned to any buttons/knobs but are still in use, those will not be included in the template. So user needs to import scripts alongside of the template.
  2. @FltsimFlyboy My template is bit outdated and there is better method for right rotary script. Instead having all scripts in one file, separate them to own scripts and then in right rotary script call them. For example you would have script alt_inc with script that increases altitude, and same for hdg etc. Then in right rotary inc script you call that alt_inc script when left rotary is in alt position. Here is example scripts for WT_CJ4 so you can see how it’s done. https://github.com/blindye/aao_guides/blob/main/wt_cj4/WT_CJ4_v2_scripts.xml
  3. Check that video from 10:20 -> You need to enable dev mode in sim and then you find Model Behaviour tool where you can find all variables/scripts.
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lkpa-S6j1uay2AZ6PQi4_HxM68xMr_Ob/view?usp=sharing Here's new template for HC Alpha. Master battery and DC Service is added. I cannot edit the initial post unfortunately. Note that if you already have that earlier template loaded and you merge the new one, it will duplicate all bindings. I was not able to replicate your problem with Flaps. For me just clicking the flap lever is working fine. Make sure the binding for it is AerosoftCRJ_Bravo-flaps_down and flaps_up. If it's crj_flaps-flaps then it's wrong, that script should go to axis lever. It should look like this, this is correct for that Up/Down flap lever.
  5. Ok, let me know if it still doesn’t work. I can add the master battery and DC service tonight. I’ll also try to export the template bit different if that would help when importing.
  6. Do you have AAO 2.04? I had that jumpy behaviour in AAO 2.03 but when updated to 2.04 I haven’t seen it anymore. Lorby is working on the 50k bug but he said it’s not a easy fix. But when starting AAO after plane is in airport has worked every time for me. I need to check the AP disconnect on the yoke, I thought that was the correct behaviour but watching some videos it needs to be pressed just once. The binding on the button is calling the correct variable so it may be modeled that way. And I believe if you press AP/DISC with mouse on VC it requires two push also?
  7. AAO Templates for Honeycomb Bravo, Alpha and Behringer XTouch Mini Installation instructions: AAO 2.04 is required! Start AAO always after the plane is loaded in airport! Load CRJ to airport and start AAO Templates -> Import template -> Open downloaded template you wish to import Add selection to template and click Import Templates -> Apply template to this aircraft Select template you wish to use -> Apply If you want to only use template you are applying, click replace (it will delete all previous bindings you have), but if you want to add bindings from template to your current profile, click Merge (or if you are adding second template and so on) Bravo Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Io_Nuy-vWQYHSgzYCWqG1ieeLgxhGPgc/view?usp=sharing Included: ALT, VS, HDG, CRS1 and SPEED selection via rotary knobs HDG, NAV, APPR, VNAV, ALT, VS, SPEED, AP Master buttons Cowl anti-ice, wing anti-ice and parking brake on the switches. (4 switches empty for your own assignments) Gear lever Up-down flap lever Flap lever next to throttles (compatible with flapmodster detents!) Alpha Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NkHHBOyYA6TLA03qBY85u4z-o93_Dw5s/view?usp=sharing Included: Beacon, Landing, Taxi, Nav and Strobe light switches Stab trim AP Disconnect (red button) Behringer XTouch Mini Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jlhXV-L4MU3LOhHR7BV_CAa361bEyTrB/view?usp=sharing Check the png file inside the zip to see what's included, this will be updated in the future (unless someone makes a better one :))
  8. Alright, will share them later tonight. Should we make a new thread where everyone can share their templates?
  9. I have HC Alpha template ready for AAO if anyone wants. Also for Bravo and Xtouch Mini (incomplete)
  10. What you cannot get to work with AAO? I think everything is possible to bind via AAO. Check out this post, I uploaded a template with working AP buttons, rotaries, gear, both flap levers etc https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/axis-and-ohs-help-and-questions/196415/628
  11. Some reports say that LVars work with spad.next but HVars don’t (yet). No need to use HVars with CRJ tho. I use AAO and all variables are supported. You can collect needed LVars either from aircraft XML files or from Model Behaviour tool which can be enabled through developer mode.
  12. If you are looking LVars for AP buttons they are: (L:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT, Number) (L:ASCRJ_FCP_APPR, Number) (L:ASCRJ_FCP_HDG, Number) (L:ASCRJ_FCP_NAV, Number) (L:ASCRJ_FCP_SPEED, Number) (L:ASCRJ_FCP_VS, Number) (L:ASCRJ_FCP_VNAV, Number) Those are toggles so passing 1 will turn them on and also turn them off
  13. Ah I understood wrong, sorry. CRJ uses custom LVars so you need to use those, unfortunately. Indeed it would be better if same variables would work than on other aircrafts. AAO is Axis and Ohs, basically same kind of program as SPAD.NEXT.
  14. I have not found single LVar that is not working. I have all lights, AP, some rotaries etc bound via AAO. Which ones are not working for you?
  15. Yes, you need some 3rd party software for that. Those software are not plug and play so you need some knowledge. I’m using Axis and Ohs to bind everything on my Honeycomb Alpha, HC Bravo and Xtouch Mini. So basically you bind a key in Axis and Ohs and tell it to use script when that key is pressed (or rotary knob rotated et ). That in my first post is a script to control the altitude knob, so for example if you bind some rotary knob in AAO and tell it to use that script, then you can control the altitude inside sim.
  16. Local variables to increase and decrease altitude selection via Simconnect. These can be used with external software like Axis and Ohs for example.
  17. I looked those from devmode’s Model Behaviour tool. I don’t know if there is list anywhere. @Mathijs Kok said few weeks ago that they are looking if they can release list of L variables after release.
  18. These should work alt increase: (L:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE, Number) ++ (>L:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE, Number) alt decrease: (L:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE, Number) --(>L:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE, Number)
  19. Try to search ”RBT” in world map search, select the VOR which is south west of Paris, departure there (airborne) and click fly. Bug will be present instantly. It happens occasionally when flying normally, but when it happens it’s game breaking.
  20. Of course it has effect on the crj because it doesn’t matter which aircraft is in use. Let’s hope for a hotfix soon.
  21. Mathijs confirmed CRJ has working TCAS on Vatsim. here:
  22. Is the bug with fuel flowing when throttle is in cutoff going to be fixed before release?
  23. Can you provide list of L and H variables used, same kind of excel sheet like there is for your Airbus. Or does that fall in the same category as FSUIPC offsets?
  24. I assume you are using custom LVars and HEvents on certain things like AP buttons etc? Would it be possible to get list of those on release?
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