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  1. Try to check if the wheel chocks are installed on your EFB, solved it for me
  2. Is this an SDK limitation? Because it's partially working on the Asobo 787 Edit : also the VC shortcut spot to deploy and retract the HUD seems to be missing, back ref plate and hinges
  3. The HUD is not collimated, the layout will stay at the same position on the display even if I move the view point up-down / right-left, is it something you will implement in the future? Also the flight path symbol is supposed to show where the aircraft is going. During an approach, visual or instrument, it can be perfectly positioned or can go down 3° or up 10°, it's really random. Are you aware of this issue?
  4. I hope it will, and MSFS flight planner will be integrated. I was not expecting that at all, kind of disappointed
  5. I've been reading below that the CRJ is not using MSFS navdata, so we can't use the integrated flight planner, but what about simbrief, can I use AIRAC 2013 on it for free? What about nav data update, will I be forced to pay for it or will you for with asobo version in the future?
  6. But if you have multiple addons from various vendors, it's a nightmare if one day you need a fresh install. Been this path on FSX, no more.
  7. I would say Marketplace, even if it's not perfect yet, it's one click install and one click update
  8. I agree, but I don't think any A320 addon has it, would be a nice touch
  9. I did not see the flight path symbol on the video, it's like a circle with wings. It's really useful for manual landing, because where it's pointing, it's exactly where you aircraft is going, no matter your speed or flaps setting
  10. I know it's asking a bit, but would it be possible to have a screenshot of the HUD with the flight path symbol?
  11. I also would like to know more about the HUD. On the 737 PMDG FSX addon, it was one of my favorite features. How was it implemented on the AEROSOFT CRJ PRO on the P3D?
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