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  1. Which volume setting is controlling cabin announcement and height callout? I would really like to bump those up
  2. Or is there anyway to import the sound files in Audacity to bump up the volume?
  3. One thing I was really excited about was the HUD, I had great memories of the 737NGX on FSX, sadly it's lacking in term of fidelity "MSFS limit" and accuracy Is this something that you will improve in the very near future, next hotfix/patch or is this not on the top part of the priority list?
  4. - ILS interception can make your plane dramatically pitch down - Weird throttle response, you ask power, it will go down for 5 seconds then up - HUD flight path symbol jumping -5/+15 degree - HUD flight path symbol no showing where the plane will be - No arrival airport elevation when they don't have approach or STAR, even when this data is present on the ARR DATA page - Double click needed on efb set payload to simulator - More life improvement than bug, but DH - MDA selector takes years to setup That's what I found so far, not deal breaker, but cut down my enjoyment quite a bit
  5. You need to select VMC then press ENTER on the keypad
  6. You need certain item checked for some mode to work. You can switch to VMC anytime, FD require some kind of VOR or LOC and A1 to A3 require LOC+GS, that's what I found, but could be wrong. Anyway, all the mode are more or less the same, don't expect to see runway outline using A mode, nor should you thrust your flight path symbol to land accurately. I don't even think changing runway length and elevation in the HUD control affect anything. I've been reading the official CRJ HUD manual on smart cockpit and a lot of work need to be done.
  7. If it's not in the FAQ yet, then yes they should have tell you how to do it : DELETE ANY FLIGHT PLANS WITH MORE THAN 8 CHARACTERS IN THE FILE NAME. On my different posts, I have the same issue, no official answer or solution, for example, if the HUD, is working the way it's supposed to do, like FPS showing where your plane will end, or what will happens if you use a different camera height, or if it's normal to not get VNAV to an airfield without STARs or procedures. No idea if those feature will be in the next update or not...
  8. I have an issue with MSFS sound level, I already lowered aircraft engine and environment. But I would like to know on the CRJ, what volume level controls cabin announcement and height callout during landing?
  9. It's too small, the runway needs to be a minimum length
  10. Also weird, why the airfield altitude is not showing up, when you can see it in DEP/ARR, ARR DATA page
  11. I did like you said, first VNAV to 18000, then /00012 for the airfield altitude, /12 won't work And it's giving me that : I will try the other way around Edit ,so I did : - Select ARR runway, add elevation to RW13, VNAV FL180, erase vector and discontinuity - Select ARR runway, VNAV FL180, add elevation to RW13, erase vector and discontinuity - Select ARR runway, add elevation to RW13, erase vector and discontinuity, VNAV FL180 Still the same issue Edit 2: Selecting DIMN airport to land, approach data is present on the CRJ database, but still the same issue...
  12. Avionic is very similar, so I am just wondering if on the real thing, it's working, if so then it's just a feature to fix
  13. I will try again tonight, also with the bearing distance waypoint. But why is the CRJ FMS does not set airfield elevation when the WT CJ4 does?
  14. I have a similar issue, I posted it here with pictures, but I will continue here https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/161606-tod-not-on-every-flight/ So without entering the special point which is a simple bearing/distance from the runway, I was able to get a TOD just once last night, repeating the exact same sequence in the FMS, so 1 out of 20 flights. Departure VTSM / Arrival VTSH / Enroute APOBI , RELIP DEP/ARR, runway 35 and 13, VNAV cruise alt 18000 On longer flight with SID and STAR, I don't have any issue. I really need to try what will happen with extra waypoint and/or distance
  15. After finishing my flight plan, DEP/ARR, and special waypoint VTSH315/25 set After entering 18000 on the VNAV cruise page After changing VTS01 to /8000
  16. If I am doing a complex flight plan, I will get a TOD somewhere on the flight path, but if I use only one waypoint during flight or if it's less than 200nm, it will not appear. Is there some limitation, like minimum distance or number of waypoint? Edit : So I added two enroute waypoint and got a TOD, but when I add a special waypoint "VTSH315/25" TOD vanished Edit 2 : When I select a VNAV cruise alt, then select /8000 for the custom waypoint, all waypoint change to /8000, what's wrong? I will try with the WT CJ4
  17. Happened to me last night, switching from FMS1 TO LOC1, the tail started oscillating at 1 or 2 hz, then slowing down and finally stopping after 8-10 seconds
  18. I also have a lot of issue with the HUD, the flight path symbol, will jump all over it during a steady approach and when it's fixed on the runway threshold, you will land way before it. For the moment it's only good at showing you PFD information on a big display, very far from what we had on the PMDG 737NGX
  19. For the moment, the HGS mode with the less issue is FD, still testing with an ILS approach, but a very weird thing. Without changing anything, the flight path symbol, FPS, is way below runway threshold, I tried : - Option>camera>height from 50 to 45>save, it will make the FPS, go 15 degrees up But switching back - Option>camera>height from 45 to 50>save, will make the FPS pointing at the runway threshold like it should Sadly, about 700' AGL to touch down, it will go back over the Zero-Degree Pitch Line and stay there
  20. Ok, I did a couple more ILS landing, and on a lot of them the flight path symbol is all the time above the zero degree pitch line, from the HGS manual on smart cockpit : For example, if the FPS is above the ZeroDegree Pitch Line, the aircraft is climbing. If it is below the Zero-Degree Pitch Line, the aircraft is descending I really hope there will be improvements on the HUD, it's awesome to manually land aircraft on any runway, and Mathijs even told me on the product preview topic it was more or less the same as PMDG, well we are far from what I had on the FSX 737NGX.
  21. I have a problem with the flight path symbol jumping up and down during approach, the last post on it was marked as answered but no confirmation about this issue.
  22. Same here, only the TM Airbus yoke, flat setting, power initially goes up when throttling down, and down when throttling up
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