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  1. Alright this can't be icing, while taxiing to the runway at KSJC under clear skies and 17 degrees TAT the ZFW increased to 28724, beyond the maximum ZFW.
  2. Ok good to know! Appreciate the education on the topic, now I know not to worry about it.
  3. So I've conducted another flight and on departure I kept wing and cowl anti-ice and MZFW was still exceeded by the time I climbed above the clouds. I also have the icing effect in the sim set to "visual only".
  4. Hello, I've happened to notice after setting my zero fuel weight and fuel before the flight that ZFW always increases during the flight to above the maximum ZFW. I'm not sure if I've made a mistake or there is some other explanation.
  5. I can confirm I am also experiencing the same issue with maintaining glideslope since the update. It was not present previously. When LOC 1 and GS are captured the aircraft consistently is below the glideslope and puts me on a path to impact the ground usually 1.5-2 nm short of the runway threshold.
  6. I have the identical issue mentioned in this thread, using TCA throttle quadrant.
  7. Hi there, have the steam version of MSFS and bought the crj from the MSFS marketplace. I understand it is out of Aerosofts hands when the update will be released from MSFS but was there given any indication as to when it will be available?
  8. Firstly, just want to state how much I love the 700/550, I have had an off and on relationship with flight simulating for some years but I have been absolutely obsessed with the crj since its release. I don't think I have been this enthralled with the simulation experience since I was introduced to FSX at 12 years old. I cannot wait for the crj 900/1000 release and am curious when we can expect to hear a status update about it and perhaps see some previews? I also apologize if this is not the appropriate forum for this inquiry. Again, thank you to the Aerosoft team for their brilliant work.
  9. Harbour Air for sure! Had the privilege of flying on one a few years back and the experience made me fall in love with this aircraft. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content only.
  10. Haha yeah that is a tough one... well if the ice blue livery doesn't work out then no worries, but if you manage to get it done some time I would be sincerely grateful.
  11. Yeah I noticed that too, I'm always checking flightsim.to for new liveries and no one has made the toothpaste yet so you would be doing some groundbreaking work here
  12. Same with me, anyone else know how to solve this? Any time the throttle is in motion power goes straight to idle until the throttle is stationary and then power goes back up.
  13. You are a stud, if you made the Ice blue version too I would be so happy
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