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  1. A330-200:

    Air Greenland

    American Airlines


    Air Tanker International - Royal Air Force - G-VYGG (Non MRTT version)

    Monarch Airlines - G-EOMA

    Thomas Cook


    Hawaiian Airlines


    SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

    Virgin Atlantic - G-VINE

    Air Canada


    Swiss - New livery

    US Airways

  2. BA A319 G-EUPA in this livery - http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=506477

    and BA A319 G-EUPC in the Olympic livery http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=506519

    Both would be very much appreciated :)

    I would love to see this repaint


    As well as GermanWings old paint with IAE engines.

    I second those BA special liveries, especially the BA Dove :)

    I'd also like to see:

    National Air Serivce (NAS) VP-CKH (A318): http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/search.php?tag=VP-CKH

    Global Jet Concept Luxembourg LX-GVV (A319): http://www.planespotters.net/Production_List/Airbus/A319/3542,LX-GVV-Global-Jet-Luxembourg.php

    Global Jet Concept Luxembourg M-IABU (A343) as A319/320: http://www.airplane-pictures.net/registration.php?p=M-IABU

  3. No it's not. It has its roots firmly in the Seventies.

    From an ex-F-16 jockey:

    1: We did not have a simple "heading hold", no kidding. You had to use "heading select".

    2: The FLCS did not allow an "altitude hold" function up to the max AoA of the limiter. So at twelve or thirteen degrees AoA the thing would gradually descend [ so lost a good buddy one day over the lake].


    No speed or mach hold function for climb.


    Had a great "get you home" HUD display, but autopilot couldn't use it.


    No coupled ILS mode.


    No coupled steering for a BVR shot to get a "perfect" shot.

    and the beat goes on.

    So you can see it's entirely right that it's absent, and also allows you to practice your pilot skills.

    The RDAF F-16A/B were introduced in 1980 but been upgrade over the years to be up-to-date. They got a MLU (Mid-life-update) and have the standard of the block 50/52 series aircraft (weapom systems and avionics etc) and are now F-16AM and F-16BM (BM is the twin seater).

    The F-16 has the ability to hold your pitch and heading (ONLY HOLD not more or less) but no autopilot as such, there is a lot of navigation equipment on board and the aircraft can easily be flown by hand (on stick). A friend of mine is an F-16 pilot and according to him the Danish F-16's are old and showing their age (replacement will be either the F-35 or F/A-18) but are NOT bad at all, he said that yu easily can handfly the ILS, there is no need for an autopilot or autothrottle, he said it's a waste of weight and you don't need it as you can do it by yourself and it's not that difficult.

    But again you have to remember he has flown F-16's for 10 years and his training before moving into the F-16 took 5 years.

    About the perfect shot, well it depends on the systems you have on board, training and experience, the danes hit the most targets and hit them most prescicly in Libya than ANY other nation that were there (Including the U.S!).

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  4. Finger wech! Warte auf die PMDG! Wie oben schon gesagt wurde, "einen "tester" zu spielen, und dafür auch noch zahlen zu müssen", da einzige was jetzt seien wird ist das man sich darüber aufregt, weil das ding voll mit bugs ist!

    Dann lieber noch ein par Monate warten und sich die PMDG Maschine holen, von der man Weiß was man bekommt :-)

    Just my two cents ;-)

    Happy landings!

  5. Hi there,

    I was wondering which are the best virtual airlines for flightsimming, in terms of realism, community, members, setup, website etc.

    Which one is the most preferred VA out there on a international plan? Which VA has a special status in the flightsim community and which one is a no-go? I am not asking for any war, just in general which VA is popular and which not and why they are popular (or in given case not)?

    P.s if this has been asked before feel free to remove this thread, thanks! ;-)

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