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  1. Gordon, I'm so sorry for the stipulation. However, as the lead administrator at VAE, please allow me to explain; the rule is not only an attempt to keep things at a professional level (and is not meant to belittle your flying experience or professionalism at all) but also to make sure that noone is exposed to content that is of a mature nature. We at VAE cannot control what happens on our servers 24/7 as we have lives too, and the last thing we want is for someone to email us because their child was exposed to suggestive or inappropriate language/content. if you feel very strongly that none
  2. The use of TS2 is simply for our communications compatibility. We have a system available to us that will change your channel in our communications TS based upon the radio frequency you have dialed into your Comm1 radio. Much like TSComset except its already built into squawkwin. It is handy, but the developer of the software and I have some co-ordinating to do to get it up and running. He's also working on an integrated comms system. More news on this soon. Evan
  3. I'd like to add something. Andras field is a unique and interesting idea that I firmly believe has the potential to take flight. It just requires user activity. Kasper, I am truly sorry that you are unable to fly online. If there were anything I could do to help, I'd certainly try. I'm doing what I can to get permission from Aerosoft to allow me to advertise on a much broader scale. The unfortunate inconvenience is that we all have real lives, and those definitely take priority over flight sim. That, coupled with time differences and such makes it difficult for Matt to plan events. I even
  4. I'd also like to put in my two cents. David, I'm sorry about your displeasure regarding our server and teamspeak, however I assure you, the teamspeak has not had any downtime, nor has the flight server for over a week now. Our member services department is working around the clock to make sure that the server that hosts both the teamspeak and the flight server is up and running as much as possible. If there is an issue, we act as quickly as technologically possible to restore the server as to not dissappoint. This is why we experienced some down time a few weeks ago. We changed hosting prov
  5. My concern with the Northeast US is fps. With all of those large cities in the vicinity, would it not be difficult to keep the fps bearable. I'm no fsx graphics expert, but I know when I get near the east coast. Now, I know the Midwest may seem like kind of a barren wasteland, but I assure you it has its upside. First of all, there's nothing but open air. The sunsets are great, the city of Chicago is a major airline hub. Oshkosh is a hop, skip, and a jump away. Not to mention, headed east or west, nothing is too far away. There are lakes, so a seaplane base would be possible. Plenty of op
  6. Jsalva, the instructions were to mail aerosoft about it. Not just go and buy it. Aerosoft tells you how to get it for free once you email them. Evan
  7. Welcome John, Martin, and Manuel. John, now that we are neighbors, when you do move in, lets host a bbq. I'll grill if you supply the pool and refreshments. Better yet? A block party. That'd be fun! Could even do some scenery add on's specifically for the event. With tents and stuff. Kinda like the temporary airshow scenery you see sometimes.
  8. Hey Sam, welcome aboard! This should help you understand how sales work at Andras Field.... http://www.forum.aer...showtopic=36541 Furthermore, my name is Evan, and should you choose to fly online with other Andras members, you will see quite a bit of me...More so if your sleep habits are as AWFUL as mine. I'm the Lead Administrator at Virtual Aviation Experience, and we provide the online component of Andras Field. You can visit us at http://www.virtual-aviation.org to register and have full access to our 24/7 flight server! Again, welcome. I hope to have a seat for you at the n
  9. I think I'll fly something with a little more range and faster than a C172...A Citation, perhaps. But only during regulation-approved hours, of course. I'll also have to find a prop for sale to house at Andras, in the "Driveway", as well. For shorter hops.
  10. I appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to hosting a Fly-In BBQ....that is, once I get there....its a long trip from central Illinois.
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