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  1. yes i think that the main problem is with gauges, the airplane is in this path D:\Prepar3dV4\aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional but i tried several times also to add in differents path even outside of P3D but with any luck. Don't know if it is normal but i have no gauges regarding the a330 in -> D:\Prepar3dV4\gauges
  2. Hy guys i've the a330 v1001 version, but recently i've got this issue as you can see from the pic. Transparent / missing screen. P3Dv4.5 hotfix 3 all C++ library INSTALLED direct x12 No REX/ORBX features. I've followed all the guide here in the forum but without succes, reinstalled tons of times, path ->D:\Prepar3dV4\aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional antivirus off added also exlusion from windows, tried to delete shaders files in %appdata%. Also update to the latest version with ASUpdater. nothing worked. any advice ? thanks
  3. yeah i know man, but it's not that the problem, i've already set "night" in the preflight
  4. Hi guys i've this issue that i can't solve. As state in the title i have no rwy/taxi lights at dusk or night in all sim wings airport here we are at LEMD( p3dv4). This is not a time preview, already applied it. Thanks for the help.
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