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  1. Hi I am trying to reload my Balaeran/ Ginraltar soiftware from my disk that was sent to me when I made the purchase. The installer will not accept the serial number even though I cut and paste it from the screen. I am using Windows 7 64bit with FS9. Thanks
  2. That's correct, FS9 was installed on the external drive on my old laptop running under Windows XP. The new PC runs Windows 7. I ran Registry Mechanic and it runs fine under Windows 7. I have downloaded numerous freeware from Avsim as well as lots of payware such as megascenery Manhattan and Amsterdam without any problem. I laso bought a program specifically for transferring applications from XP based software to Windows 7. The only problem I have encountered is not being able to minimise the FS9 front menu. This has also caused me a problem with a new Saitek Switch panel that I have just bought which requires me to minimise the Front end menu and then activate the saitek software. As I said earlier I can happily minimise FS9 once I am in the simulator and then maximise it again. Could this have anything to do with Windows 7?. Incidentally, all my AES airports that were activated on my old system are functioning perfectly as I also ported AESc help from the old system. I would happily re-install FS9 on the C drive of my new PC but I have over 6 years of Payware and Freeware software which would all have to be re-installed. Regards Dermot
  3. Hi Matt No, I have attached the external drive to my new computer. I was running FS9 on this external drive on my old computer and simply swapped over. I had to run Registry Mechanic to correct some registry entries and it worked perfectly well for the last 7/8 months. However I cannot minimise the opening menu of FS9 and then maximise it again. It appears to minimise and the Task Manager tells me it is running but it will not allow me to maximise again and I think that AES cannot see that it is still running. If I am already in FS9 such as at an airport, I can minimise and then maximise again without any problem. fs9.exe is on the external drive as it always has been. Regards Dermot
  4. Hi Oliver, sorry for the delay in reply as I have been away. I think my problem is that when I minimise FS9, I cannot maximise it again even though Task Manager says it is running. when I try to load AES I think it cannot see that FS9 is running. I then have to use Task Manager to end the FS9 task. I am at a loss as to how to correct this. For your info, I am running FS9 on an external Drive (I) which I transferred from my old computer. It has been running fine for about 8 months now. Kind regards Dermot
  5. Hello Oliver Not sure if you got my text with the snapshots but the airports I was trying to activate were Tessera and Amsterdam. The snapshots shows the error even though I did not try to change anything but only did a save and exit. Regards dermot
  6. EB6FB04119BDB501EF6FB0411CD3B041FE4EB241FC6FB041C76FA957004Á
  7. Hi Richard, I had the same proble about a year ago with Dublin. I kept crashing into an unseen object on the runway. This was before the scenery was open to AES. The authors were looking into it and I sent them a screeshot of the crash. They suggested that I disable the crash effects until they find a solution, which I did and it did the trick as a temporary measure. I have to admit I have been flying out of Dublin like this ever since and will keep watch to see if you find a solution. Regards Dermot
  8. I have just tried to active new airports with credits that I have purchased. Everything is fine until I try to save and close. I get a message "Run-time error '75': path/file access error. The only option is 'ok' which when I accept, I lose all my credits and have to start again. One of the airports is Megascenery Amsterdam which I have been using for some time. I am running on 64bit Windows 7. be grateful for any help as I have other airports I want to allocate. I am using AES 2.09a kind regards Dermot
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