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  1. Whilst I can clearly see that everyone is very disappointed about the communication including me. Let’s not forget that the people like Hans, the dude and Mathijs who are working hard and have been making the customer experience one of the best I have seen for present day. For the sake of those staff let’s keep it down a bit and not let a negative destroy all the positives on this forum. I’m sure if people want to carry this on we can Create a separate post. Let’s not bring down the CRJ post and maintain the friendly and positive chat we all made this to be.
  2. The communication was one of the things I loved most! But do what you must and thanks for addressing this. I think I can say on behalf of all of us that we are all very excited and please don’t let the change in communication reduce to radio silence. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Please can someone clarify something for me? In the past with Aerosoft aircraft releasing does the release just happen or is there a release date announced prior? Thanks
  4. The devs get the update early and when asked if it would make Christmas the response was “more at the gate and starting up and at the moment it will be right down to the wire.” That’s why we are so excited/nervous
  5. I have noticed today that the staff have been very quiet on this forum. I’m hoping this is a good sign! It’s looking good though as I’m pretty sure we would have been told not to get our hopes up way before now.
  6. I haven’t looked extensively into the Manuals but knowing Aerosoft I can pretty much guarantee it will be in there
  7. Yeah then the above will be how you will probably do it. Don’t worry it is usually really straight forward. Hope my response helped
  8. Are you are meaning the Aerosoft store? If so yes it will more than likely be an installer or a bit of a drag and drop onto the appropriate folder.
  9. That’s a very tough question to answer as it is entirely in Microsoft’s hands. However an educated answer would be “it depends”. Just like with the release of MSFS most addins are having to be bought new. This is due to the architectural differences in the sim from previous simulators. It means that developers have to start from scratch and find new ways of creating aircraft. If a new sim is like that then it will more than likely mean that all the addons will not carry over and you will have to buy new ones. Regarding the CRJ I would buy directly off the Aerosoft store as previously mentioned updates are released faster and the devs do not have to pay a commission fee. Hope his helps
  10. I have such mixed emotions for later today. We either get it or we don’t this year. Regardless it will be a day one purchase for me. Fingers crossed it’s sooner than later 😛
  11. Your point is very valid. Not sure if your aware however aerosoft is currently developing many products at once. For example they have just released an airport today. I’m sure aerosoft is financially sound and that is non of our business. We are saying go home for Christmas because even Mathijs was talking to us about how they are in need of a break and how long the days have been. Once again I see your point but we are just saying from a CRJ perspective that they should not be pressured by the community (even though I doubt that is the case anyway). We are just being courteous
  12. I would post the link directly but didn’t want to break any rules/ create suspicion. So hope this helps!
  13. I also agree with everyone above. However, sadly not everyone will see a delay as a good thing. We have all followed the development and have spoken to the devs so we can relate to them. However the people that don’t follow this thread may not take a delay so lightly so I completely understand the pressure the devs are under. Look after yourselves guys and try and have a great Christmas. You deserve it!
  14. Great video looks absolutely stunning! Apologies if this has already been answered. However, do the windshield wipers actually work and remove water? I know this is a current issue with default aircraft.
  15. The displays are great. But the SOUNDS. Aerosoft please just take my money.
  16. So @Hans Hartmannwould that mean that you can confirm that the displays can run at a suitable refresh rate whilst maintaining FPS unlike the default aircraft?
  17. I feel like I should elaborate on this for anyone new viewing this thread. The aircraft is near completion and is actually in testing. However at the moment there are a few showstoppers that asobo need to fix with an upcoming update. We have to wait till at least the next asobo update to find out any more information. I hope that this helps all new comers with this summary
  18. Aside from purchasing products you guys (if you haven’t already). Should set up a donation system. Honestly everyday I come here and get my questions answered. I would be happy giving something like a donation so the devs can have a beer on me!
  19. Hi all. Quick question. Will there eventually be a feature for the EFB where either charts software or web browser could be displayed? Would be amazing!
  20. I agree. I would be perfectly happy with a sound clip or video if the CRJ for christmas!
  21. I was also wondering the same thing. Thank you for your clarification Mathijs. Keep up the good work!
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