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  1. I too am experiencing this. I also have incorrect values for remaining distance to destinations, it’s out by a 100 miles plus, when I land at my destination.
  2. There’s a thread on here you might want to have a look at. obviously I’m not advising you to do this, any implementation is at your own risk, nor do I know if it’s in breach of the EULA.
  3. Interesting stuff. Thanks for all the help you’ve been offering in streams recently, I’ve seen you in quite a few since release (assuming you’re MP). I love the CRJ it’s a proper “pilots aeroplane”, it’s been great to get away from airbus automation for a while and learn some airmanship and new skills.
  4. Thank you. I’m averaging 5-10 fps more in early testing, with much less stutter - more importantly. Hopefully there’s no instability or serious adverse affects, that come from this mod.
  5. Check the "reverse axis" box in the control menu, below where you assigned them.
  6. Thanks sounds like a great route to try out, after my first European learning flights.
  7. I sold my dog, house and car to get a PC. I am now waiting in a bus stop, on my solar powered PC.
  8. Madagascar to SA? Now that's an interesting route.
  9. shirley, If you can save to .pln format from simbrief, then yes. You can import directly from simbrief, into the crj fms though, so you can bypass the ms route planner.
  10. Excellent news! This was the last piece of the puzzle, that I was hoping for.
  11. Do Aerosoft release recommended sensitivity settings, or is it a case that all peripherals are too different?
  12. Release is tomorrow? Where did the last two weeks go?
  13. That’s what you get for living upside down 😛
  14. Well TheDude does have a very new, high end system. I’m just hopeful for the moment but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.
  15. Since the most recent update, I now have very obvious microstuttering and less consistent fps overall. I suspect further optimizations from Asobo, DX12 implementation and a ram upgrade, will solve my issues. Everyone's system is different in some way, so I think the average 10-12 percent fps loss, is a good enough general answer. At the end of the day, it's just the nature of the beast, some of us just have to wait for the sim to mature, to get better performance.
  16. A lot of what you see is just msfs, there's a number of thing Asobo want to address, as always these things are always evolving. You mitigate a lot of this, by playing with the sensitivity and reactivity settings - really helped me. I've had msfs feeling like both xplane and p3d, the reactivity is especially interesting.
  17. Every time I add an extra piece of the puzzle, to my sim experience, I start enjoying it even more. I’m somewhat lazy, so it takes a long time but this has inspired me.
  18. Speaking as someone, who a couple of weeks ago, thought the mcdu was basically witchcraft - I would definitely recommend learning. It took me a few videos to get the logic and structure, after that it clicked and seemed so simple (which it really is). I absolutely love manually entering plans now, really steps up the depth and engagement that extra step. I find auto loading really boring now.
  19. Sorry for my ignorance but I’m new to this stuff. Will I have to drop the navigraph data into a CRJ folder as well, or just leave it in the community folder?
  20. I always judge these things, through subjective terms like “convincing” and “immersive”. I’ve never even touched a real yoke or sidestick lol, if the real experts say it’s good, then it’s more than enough for me.
  21. This response is far too reasonable, for an internet forum in 2021. 😂
  22. To this day my favourite tech support phrase is "PEBCAK".
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