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  1. Sorry, and another thing. I had the freeware airport you released for MSFS 2020. That used to be in the updater, but has disappeared while installing my P3D addons. Can I add this back with an xml file? And now I found the edit button so next time i'll get it all in one post! 🤔 Cheers, Bully.
  2. Hi All, I have 4 Aerosoft addons and 3 of them install the ASUpdater with the product. Antarctica X for P3D5 DC-8 50 (think it's 50!) CRJ Professional for P3D5 all install the updater. I also have the Twin Otter, but this was purchased through Just Flight. This does not install the Updater. Anyway, I installed Antarctica X first and this installed ASUpdater. I ran the updater and I could see Antarctica X was in there. I then installed either the DC-8 or the CRJ next, I don't remember which one unfortunatel
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