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  1. Hi Mathijs, I'm happy to hear that you did not explode and hope that you and your team are able to get some rest now! However, I have one question, is there a specific time for the release on March 16th?
  2. Okay, thanks for all the input! I'll take a look at them tonight!
  3. Maybe not entirely on topic, but I've always just loaded flight plans in from onlineflightplanner.org to my planes. This will be the first plane where I am going to use the FMS like I'm supposed to, but I wonder where I can find charts etc. with the waypoints, SID and STARS for the flightplan. What do you guys use / recommend?
  4. Mathijs, are you able to tell us if the CRJ will be impacted in future updates by such parameters? Or does the CRJ have it's own set of parameters?
  5. Look at the callsign thingy in the cockpit, it says 10030! Too bad there's one zero too many, but still...
  6. Some time ago a user on this forum suggested that it could be used as a version number, that would be fun aswell 😛
  7. Oh no! You guys removed the EFB battery level gag! Screenshots look great though
  8. The teaser looks astonishing! We know you have been working tirelessly on this project, but please also take a moment of rest for yourself and the rest of the team. 🙂 Looking forward to being able to fly this next year!
  9. I use AdblockPlus, but I do see the red Holiday sale ad on top of the page and the Realsimgear one at the bottom
  10. Hello, A while ago a question was raised in this thread about a pause on TOD (Top Of Descent) function, however it wasn’t certain yet if the function would be implemented. Is it possible to share some more information about that, now that we are a bit further in the development process?
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