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  1. Is there a SN Brussels Airlines repaint available somewhere? I've looked, without any luck unfortunately... If not, is somebody interested in painting it? I'm looking for the following plane: Cheers Robin
  2. I would also like a Brussels Airlines A319 and Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium A319 (OO-TCS)
  3. Apron 5 indeed doesn't exist, so I think Augustin means apron 51, which indeed is only used by DHL. As far as I know apron 54 (and also 52 and 53) is located at the General Aviation terminal, so I suppose they are only used by GA aircraft. It's the apron where Abelag is located. You might have a look at this file (at the end) It isn't an official document but the parking information seems to be correct
  4. As far as I know, Pier B is used for non-Schengen flights, Pier A is used for Schengen flights but also all flights to Africa operated by Brussels Airlines. Ryanair uses stands 126-138 and I think Easyjet uses the same apron for their operations. Apron 3 north (remote stands) is used for smaller aircraft and long haul aircraft waiting for their return leg (Jetairfly 787, Ethiopian 787, United, ...) The old satellite is not used anymore but sometimes planes park there overnight or while they're waiting for a flight.. I am not an expert so please correct me if I'm wrong :-) This is what it looks like to me as I spend a lot of time spotting at BRU
  5. The screenshots look amazing! Looking forward to the release
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