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  1. I've done like 40 flights after they fixed it and it captured it every time so its definitely something with WU4
  2. no they fixed it by adding their own custom GS in the update aerosoft put out for it but this time the GS doesn't even capture like when it was broken.
  3. I did two flights from LFPO to LSGG and to EHRD and on both ILS approach the plane captured the LOC but not the GS.
  4. Every time I enter ILS 17 at ENBR my game crashes. (as you can see in the pic this is moments before the game completely crashes)
  5. It's going it launch on the 12th mark my words
  6. Will the crj get covered with not realistic icing in icing conditions? @Mathijs Kok
  7. Will the wipers work and remove the rain from the windshield unlike Asobo's aircrafts or is that not implemented in the SDK yet?
  8. will all the crj variants release at the same time or only the 550 and 700 for now?
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