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  1. Yes, the panels are more or less the same. They got just some visual updates in terms of detailing, modelling and the materials. Visual is the GNS 530 also the same but everything else have changed at the avionic. And of course this part also got an optically update. In generall I am not a programmer so unfortunately I am not able to say something to the technical part.
  2. A few new pictures of the current progress straight from the sim.
  3. yes, that is definitely a goal - within the framework of the maximum allowed polycount everything should look as round as possible
  4. Yes, if the character were to move really lively, that would be very nice. But that is also the difficulty. As you already mentioned, the face is very important in human characters, but it is just as demanding in the implementation. Would you compromise here if the character otherwise integrated well into the aircraft and its behavior? I mean with the animations of the Face ?
  5. No problem - some will see the interior, others won't - it's up to you But if you think of the vr players - would Guenter's presence suffice for them? VR is not my world - I always get a headache from it - but aren't these players even more demanding due to the additional proximity to the simulated world? Animations, a facial expression, interactions with the plane - wouldn't that be even more important to make the immersion perfect? So if you assume you want a copilot?
  6. So do you mean that the target group that is interested in a co-pilot is very small ... But couldn't that change with the new sim and a possible release on the new X-Box generation?
  7. Hello Aerosoft Community I am Anne and I am one of the modelers of the MFS Twin Otter project. I am responsible for the interior of the aircraft. My colleague Jae Eon works on the exterior. In this project we must make some choices and we would like your ideas on them. When they come up, I will post here and hope you will be so kind to share your ideas. The first one is the age-old question on having a 3d co-pilot in the cockpit. I understand that in previous simulators this was hard to do as it was hard to get a 3d human at the same resolution as the cockpit was. But in MFS
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