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  1. Hmm thats the email I sent to, but you said your inbox was empty. Must have not gone through for some reason. Stupid technology
  2. Is the email supposed to be .cm or .com? If you have no new emails, then I likely sent it to the wrong one. Here is mine, thank-you @Mathijs Kok
  3. Forums and site are getting overloaded... see you on the other side! LOL
  4. Its a rainy day today... perfect to go for some virtual flights! Im so much more productive when the weather is gloomy, because otherwise im wanting to go enjoy the good weather.... and the sun likes to glare over my monitor
  5. Not everyone is of legal age, and im not sure Aerosoft can regulate who purchases it hahah
  6. Check out the new product Aerosoft just released!
  7. I might need to a do a night flight right away.... such good lighting.
  8. Thats the beauty of the simulator. I can take the CRJ wherever I want. Bahamas, here I come!
  9. They are downvoting every post it seems. Pest control will take care of them
  10. Whos downvoting you? Sheesh.. sounds like somebody is jealous
  11. The FlyByWire A32NX is capable of a fairly enjoyable VATSIM experience, so yes, this bird will be ready. Besides, the CRJ is the first complex aircraft for MSFS and can handle all scenarios given by controllers.
  12. You can find airline specific maps with a Google search but I don’t think there will be a global map that shows every destination.
  13. Yeah lol when we got the release date we went through so many new pages
  14. We’re rolling through these pages like nothing lol. I remember their being 3 pages.
  15. We need a big banner at the top of this page, lol.
  16. Can we hit 200 pages before release? We got under two days now... lol
  17. Try joining the club with the blue button on the top right of your screen, then download
  18. Those contrails look so good! Holy moly! Super excited to see these on the CRJ
  19. Yes. €42.00 ($49.92 USD) for the base package and €16.75 ($19.91) for the expansion (900/1000)
  20. We need that laughing reaction back for posts like these...
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