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  1. We need that laughing reaction back for posts like these...
  2. Never realized how unique and cool the slats were until seeing these images.
  3. To be fair though, I wouldn't have answered if I saw the other 3 billion responses haha. Guess they were sent while I was typing.
  4. I would personally recommend Aerosoft because you will get updates much faster if the process is the same as other addons.
  5. Maybe this contest was an elaborate plan by The Dudes twin brother who hacked his account and made more than 2 mistakes on purpose in an effort to emberass him.
  6. Your the most popular guy on the block atm. Enjoy your fame sir
  7. I don’t think they have a general Discord, no. Correct me if im wrong anyone.
  8. This forum is like a Discord chat room at this point hahaha
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