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  1. Can someone confirm whether spoilers automatically deploy on landing or does the speedbrake lever need to be physically moved?
  2. I understand this is likely a sim issue but it impossible to read information from the CRT screens without zooming in. In high workload situations this makes the aircraft very difficult to use. I know there is a CRT to LCD screen upgrade for the CRJ in real life. Is this something that can be implemented as a future option, possibly through the EFB, and would it actually make any difference?
  3. I can echo this man's thoughts entirely. I was going to purchase the CRJ mostly due to the fact this was the first proper payware for MSFS and Aerosoft was leading the way in more ways than one. However, the recent decision has made me loose all interest in the product and I will likely stick to the FBW mod (FREE) and X-Plane. Maybe in the future you will realise a mistake was made but I very much doubt it as the majority of MSFS users are not on these forums and it's their money you want, not ours. lockquote widget
  4. Is that so that other companies can't get am insight into your processes for MFS? If so that is very greedy from Aerosoft and it will distance many from a company which has had the best communication out of any developer.
  5. Something telling me it's about the oval shaped shadow on the fuselage but I may be completely wrong.
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