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  1. Sorry everyone that my fluke fixes aren’t helping anyone. Thank you all for showing that I was not alone in this issue!
  2. Another thing that I seemed to have done that now got it to work for me is this: Make sure you don't have anything that uses simconnect (like, for example, the navigraph simlink tool running) when you do a clean install of the aircraft as well as when you calibrate the aircraft for the first time in the sim (the ~10mins period). Again, YMMV, and I'm just recalling what I did to make it work permanently (which I can happily report that mine is still running fine).
  3. Thanks @Mathijs Kok, please do keep us updated! (The same errors in @Pilot Studd's video have happened to me)
  4. Has this helped anyone? It was probably just a fluke for me!
  5. POSSIBLE FIX: I installed the SDK (devmode—>help—>SDK installer) and then reinstalled the CRJ with the installer .exe in the same drive as my FS installation, with highest privileges (run with administrator). it seems to be working now (no issues when restarting flights) but I do ask for this thread not to be locked for at least a few hours whilst I double check that it’s working. This fix is defining YMIM and is probably more luck than anything!
  6. @scottie2950 and @tshuff both mentions the same problems that I've been facing under the 'systems' section of this forum.
  7. This was taken during the initialisation period of the CRJ (during the first 10mins of it loading in the WASM modules). Surely these Coherent GT errors are an issue? @Mathijs Kok@Hans Hartmann I am quite sure that I am not the only one facing this issue.
  8. It seems to only work once after you’ve deleted these files I.e. whenever you restart or do a second flight, this error happens. in essence, you have to re-delete the files, relaunch the sim, and recalibrate everything each time you want to fly the CRJ which makes no sense....
  9. I have the exact same issue. I’ve even reinstalled the sim from scratch - no change.
  10. After a complete reinstall, I'm still getting the issue. Please help!
  11. So strange, then. I really don't know the problem! Still reinstalling MSFS2020, and will report back once finished.
  12. (I am now seeing a few more people with this issue - I am currently reinstalling FS2020 so I will provide an update after that is completed)
  13. Morning all, Just for reference, the same happens to me during my error:
  14. UPDATE: I did some more digging and found that the errors seem to happen when the plane first tries to initialise, and not upon recalling it (when restarting flights etc.) The first time I loaded the plane (clean install, after/during the 8-10 calibration period), I got the following WASM errors: However, the plane seemed as if it loaded up normally, and didn't affect anything. I did a full flight, and nothing was an issue. Then, restarting the flight, I was greeted with no panels and a blank (but lit) EFB, with the following exception error codes: ASCRJ_DEBUG: Exception: 3/1/11889 ASCRJ_DEBUG: Exception: 3/1/11890 ... as well as a few XML errors, pertaining to trying to create visibilities without a valid Node Reference: @Hans Hartmann@Mathijs Kok any ideas? Hope this helps solve this issue!
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