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  1. Try setting the Traffic setting to Default. Too high a setting doesn’t activate marshals and thus VDGS also. That’s what I did to resolve the issue.
  2. From a lay woman’s 💃perspective and understanding of how the VDGS gets activated is this ... it all depends on the arrival gate that is being used. If the gate selected is equipped with VDGS it doesn’t matter whether being sent there by MSFS ATC, VATSIM, P2ATC or anything else. Just get to the correct gate and it works. Similar to whether a marshal is shown at the gate, when there is no VDGS.
  3. Absolutely! Every other developer of MSFS airports with VDGS are omitting them and explaining it away as “SDK not ready” etc. ( or should it be technical competency?) But Jo Erlend’s work is the proof that it is doable and it works beautifully. Every time I fly into these airports I pre program the arrival gates and just LOVE to watch the VDGS in action.
  4. This is AMAZING Jo Erlend! Thank you for the preview. As always you set new high standards in the MSFS add-on airport development with each new airport. I see smooth people movement here! And your trademark VDGS, which all other developers just say “technically cannot be done” in their offerings. Looking forward to this airport to my collection of other Jo Erlend’s works.
  5. The description for EDDM says VDGS will be integrated as soon as reliable MSFS SDK availability. But there are already airports that have been developed and sold with active and working VDGS. Please help me understand this discrepancy. Thank you. Note: Functional Safegates (VDGS) will be integrated as soon as there is a reliable technical solution by the MSFS SDK
  6. Every company has its policies change requirements and I am most willing to accept whatever is decided as needed by their internal management. It may not be so pleasant especially after experiencing the most open communication in this industry. No other come even a near second! But if that’s the decision than so be it. I will not deny that it will be sorely missed. What I am looking forward to is to have the CRJ download in my system and enjoying the flying experience when the time comes. Till then, I will just keep checking Aerosoft’s website and forums multiple times day. There might just be the information that I am most anxious to read. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
  7. I definitely wouldn’t want to block any ads from the Aerosoft’s website.
  8. If you search through earlier posts and especially the Manual Vol 1 it will answer the question.
  9. There was an announcement made but I can’t recall the source now. I believe MSFS forum also has also discussed this when it passed the 1M mark.
  10. In my unbiased personal opinion Aerosoft certainly makes THE best sceneries for MSFS. Paderborn was my introduction to the fabulous standards of Aerosoft. I was bowled over that it was graciously offered for free! This proved to me that Aerosoft may be a business concern but it is also kindhearted. Cologne/Bönn was my first purchase from Aerosoft and I was so awestruck by the stunning attention to fine details and the quality of every bit of artifacts. The bonus was of course the VDGS. Then came Trondheim. Another masterpiece by my most admired developer, Jo Arlend. I will unabashedly admit that I am his fan. There are no other airport offered by anyone else where one can exit the aircraft door, walk through the jetway looking out at the aircraft, and into the terminal, take the working escalator down and exit the terminal! To me every airport development by Jo is a masterpiece and a collector’s item. I did purchase another European airport by another developer and I can see and feel the difference in standards straight away. The magic just isn’t there. But no regrets because Aerosoft is also said to be developing the same airport and I will just purchase it and replace what I have currently. So yes! Definitely Aerosoft makes THE best scenery for MSFS. Anyone who haven’t yet experienced this level of quality and development skills is without doubt missing out. Looking forward to more and more sceneries ... Aerosoft sceneries that is!
  11. With a purchased Aerosoft CRJ add-on, will there be CRJ AI ground traffic simulated as well with the lovely liveries? If so it will definitely be an added bonus. Thank you.
  12. Hi Mathijs, Would you please consider something like a preorder for this absolutely gorgeous and very much anticipated aircraft release?
  13. I am so falling in love with this aircraft! Like others mentioned, watching this channel daily and just waiting to make a purchase.
  14. This aircraft is so exiting. I see an option for VNAV and setting other FMS options in the pictures above. Does this mean we have VNAV available for the CRJ? That will be so cool! Also can the Flight Plan be directly downloaded into the CRJ’s FMS from external sources like SimBrief or Navigraph? Thank you.
  15. Aerosoft’s lovely CRJ is going be my early Christmas present to myself.
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