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  1. I assume that some major updates will have to occur before we see the CRJ based on everything we know so far, so I don't expect anything before Sim Update 3 at the earliest. Anything is possible and a short delay may turn into months or even years. If you aren't in software development sometimes it seems like developers are able to be very accurate with release schedules, but since software development is ultimately a human endeavor it's always in flux.
  2. In case people did not find their way to Asobo's most recent developer update blog post: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/blog-january-7th-2021-development-update/347939 This quote was relevant to people's concerns here and might give some insight: Per request from Aerosoft and the development team led by Hans, the CRJ was recently delayed. It’s good to see Aerosoft’s commitment to quality and that they want to invest additional time to make this plane a standout release and we are happy to help them get there.
  3. I don't think any IRL operators of the CRJ use FF. They will have an EFB, but the program on it will be specific to that operator and approved by the EASA/FAA/etc.
  4. Sim vs. Game has always been a semantics debate because different people have different definitions of all of these things. Real life airline pilots typically see a "sim" as the approved simulator they use for training. However, in video game parlance "sim" has always referred to games that attempt to simulate some aspect of real life in a realistic way using physics or hard numbers as opposed to having a fictional setting or game mechanics. By this definition (and any English dictionary as well), MSFS is absolutely a simulation. It was created to be a simulation from day 1 by Asobo. There is
  5. The satellite data isn't actually the revolution here. It's the streaming of that data through Microsoft's massive Azure servers that allows them to do what they're doing. Anyone could get access to good satellite data and probably even make decent autogen out of it. But no one except heavy hitters like MS, Google, Apple, etc have the bandwidth, storage, and capacity to handle the network requirements of streaming petabytes of data. Also the flight dynamics are fine. Better than any other consumer sim. The C172 in particular flies exactly like the ones I instructed out of. The issu
  6. There's a big sunk cost fallacy going on for a lot of people since they've spent hundreds of dollars on payware for the older sims. They don't want to believe that all their money may have been obsoleted.
  7. Not saying you have to fly this way, but more "real life" simulations require a similar commitment. Whether the camera focus is implemented or not, you're going to want to read the manuals and learn the ins and outs of the aircraft. That's how most people will enjoy it the most. You're lucky because anything you don't understand in the manuals is a simple Google search away from a video or website that will teach you. Us old timers had to actually read books...
  8. Mathijs, If you wouldn't mind, I would take back to the higher ups that this is quite a shame and I think a poor strategy in both marketing and sales. What you're doing in this thread is actually typical of modern marketing for boutique products such as the CRJ. I actually decided to purchase the CRJ specifically because of your open communication and insight into the process and development of the product. There was no other factor that played more of a role in my decision. I've also seen the Aerosoft CRJ featured in multiple videos on YouTube and multiple news articles on large f
  9. Earlier in the thread they said their FMS, autopilot, etc. is their own software. It should be better (or at least different).
  10. Personally, I don't think it's worth the morale or family cost of pushing through Christmas, so I hope everyone at AS/DA takes off for the holidays. Echoing the above, I'd prefer to have a feature complete and (relatively) bug-free experience, but wait a little longer. Next year is right around the corner and I can occupy myself until then. 😄
  11. I can only speak from real life instructional experience, but I've found it applies to sims (usually): The important thing is to have good fundamentals and knowledge. You need to have solid aircraft handling skills and instrument flying skills and knowledge of instrument procedures. Whatever aircraft you fly practice flying it the "right" way. This will build your ability to manage an aircraft and keep up with the workload in critical phases of flight. As you improve fly faster aircraft and shorter legs. Possibly the most demanding task is flying a jet in the radar patt
  12. Any chance we can get some shots of the front office from our beta tester friends? 🙂
  13. This has been answered numerous times in the thread. No, because this is all new code.
  14. I'm going to guess the next patch or two from Asobo is going to define whether or not at 2020 release is possible. Hopefully the SDK is improved dramatically over the next couple weeks.
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