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  1. I can say as a professional pilot and flight instructor in multiple aircraft that the effects of wind on the takeoff and landing roll are simply wrong. There is an issue with the way the wind affects the aircraft as it accelerates that appears to be inverted compared with real life. This applies to all aircraft in the sim and not just the CRJ. Asobo will have to figure out what they did wrong and fix the sim before this will go away.
  2. The Aerosoft website.
  3. There doesn't seem to be any documentation anywhere on the proper update process to go from to Can we get some guidance from AS on this please?
  4. I think Asobo has incorrectly coded how wind affects an airplane as it accelerates. It seems to have the reverse effect compared to real life with increased airspeed increasing the crosswind effects and WCA instead of decreasing the control inputs required. This is a sim issue not an Aerosoft issue though.
  5. Both cockpit reverser handles and engine reverser animation do not seem to be working or modeled when I press the reverse thrust toggle keybind. The reverse thrust physics do activate and provide deceleration (or powerback) as appropriate.
  6. Most people consider it (and the whole of the MSFS series) a simulator. "simulator n. - A machine for simulating certain environmental and other conditions for purposes of training or experimentation." Take this as an opportunity to learn more about aviation.
  7. Of course not, but it is a good starting point for what kinds of sounds would be heard, no? Personally, I hear wind noise and packs both in that video in about equal amounts. I don't actually have much issue with the CRJ sounds. Wind noise is generally one of the loudest things you hear in a cockpit from my professional aviation experience. Here's a good example of that in an aircraft with no engine or packs(!):
  8. 19 minutes in for some audio at cruise altitudes
  9. I saw this bug when I had removed and re-entered various DEP/ARR segments and created multiple discontinuities next to each other. When I tried to remove them all by moving the fix below the discontinuities to the top in the normal fashion, it crashed.
  10. Okay, on a different flight during the day I was able to get the light to work. However, on an earlier night flight the switch did not turn the light off (I'm fairly confident). I'll post back if I can reproduce it.
  11. I do not seem to be able to dim or turn off the overhead dome light(s) per the manual instructions. Anyone have any luck turning these off?
  12. TCAS isn't a requirement to fly (at least in the U.S.). Controllers don't treat you any differently with or without the system. Just use your Mk.I eyeballs as always.
  13. KMKE-KORD KCLL-KIAH KCOS-KDEN All served by CRJs in real life.
  14. Former co-worker of mine is a Tomball PD officer now. I wonder if you know her? She just got hired in the last few months.
  15. Sounds like there's a few of us in the area! Might be interesting to do a meetup. There's that restaurant at the airport now (though its pricey).
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