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  1. I think aerosoft is being misstreated here at this point so lets sort this out. First of all, theyve been constantly working all day all week to make this possible, so u can trust it was a harder time for them till here. Now, everyone is annoyed obviously, but maybe ask urselves why. Is it because aerosoft made too big promises, gave out wrong information, gave out too few informations? NO They always were transparent, gave us what we asked for and did not dissapoint. Its because were at page 200+ of a thread without any informations. 200 pages filled with wild speculations, wrong hopes - all building up to everyone now being unhappy, meanwhile aerosoft only build a neat plane, gave us a release date and will release it today. A mix of egoism, unthankfulness, impatience and pointless overhyping brought u to this. Congratulations, stay mad Feeling seriously sorry for Mathijs Hans and everyone involved in the crj
  2. welchen unterschied machts ob sies jetzt releasen oder wenn die aufwachen releasen, wers kauft der kaufts egal wann er released wird
  3. I hope I make it in time, I have quiet good internet speeds, lets hope the others unfortune is our fortune
  4. the worst thing that couldve possibly happened today, Im done
  5. so u could have the fms on a seperate ipad/device? That would be awesome
  6. yea true time to get in the mood for this beauty
  7. microsoft has the least to do with this release. Aerosofts product they have the decision, and asobo is french so
  8. seems like a good solution to prevent complete chaos here
  9. morning, happy release day, I see the thread is going crazy already
  10. oh boy that sounds promising, were not gonna be tortured all day then
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