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  1. Can someone please tell me, what is the Vatsim server address for Pfpx online traffic server? Thank you. Erhan
  2. Hi again, my bounces problem is started again and this time "repair for Pushback" button doesn't help too, please anyone knows another solution for this problem? Regards
  3. I meant your fast answear:)
  4. Thanks Mathijs, you r faster then light
  5. Please Is anyone having this problem? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. Hi again, Bingo, I sold out the problem, problem is my saitek X52, after airborne when switch to Autofly (Ap1) just for one time I push my saitek throttle full and pull back then works. I do not know is it still bug but even I'm happy to use bus like that:rolleyes: Thanks to everyone tried to help me.
  7. Thanks for reply, Yes enabled LS button and correct ILS with Course. I flew more then 10 times to different airports all is the same problem. On the ground works but when on air doesn't.
  8. Thanks Paul, As I said it works on the ground before take off and after landing, I just tried in the morning again planned route from Ltac to Ltba airport, when approaching, afer sadik intersection (3000ft, speed 200kt, flaps1) I pressed Loc button and with no problem it catched localiser then when G/S start to move I press Appr button but no change no ligt comes on, G/S comes and go down no any reaction on aircfart, finally I disable auto control and landing manual. After vac rwy I press Appr button it works without problem ligt comes on. Erhan M. Artuc THY FSO
  9. Hi Guys, Sorry Aerosoft people. half day I searched the forum, read step by step guide, watching you tube videos but I couldn't get my answear. Problem is Appr button doesn't work on air, on the ground no problem before takeoff or after landing works perfect (light comes on) but after take off in one minute I try no change. Maybe that is a small issue but I need your help for my answear please. Regards Erhan M. Artuc THY FSO
  10. Hi all, I have a problem with ILS. When I'm approaching to Airport I can Loc capture to Rwy then when glide slope start to move down I press Appr button but glide slope comes and go down no any responde on aircraft, while this Ap1 choses. What I'm doing wrong? please can anyone help me, thanks. Erhan M. Artuc THY SFO
  11. Can u explain, what do you mean? ''Did you try the "repair for Pushback" button?''
  12. Hi, Mostly using Ariane 738ng and at all Aes airports aircraft jumping on the ground while push back. Any solutions. Regards
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