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  1. Not sure how long in between but that would be the dream, all we can do is hope Aerosoft doesn't run into any showstoppers along the way
  2. Not sure about Eagle County, but I'm pretty sure Asobo has taken care of Aspen for us. Already got some routes planed, just waiting to fly them in the crj. 100% it will be.
  3. New ACA colors look good on any aircraft, especially the cr2 & 9. Edit: Such a nice backdrop too, defiantly need to fly in or out of here soon
  4. So liveries are almost done... oh boy it's happening...
  5. It's either next week or march, either way, barely over a month and a bit for the latest
  6. I just found this with 4 views on YouTube, not much but seems new. There are a few more if you search "Aerosoft crj" on YouTube and sort by upload date. I think it's possible to guess that a release candidate has been reached...? (Huge maybe)
  7. I wonder if this means that streamers also have the bird and are getting ready for a certain date to pass?
  8. About this article, if you zoom in you can see the numbers 508 on the left nose gear door. I have some pictures of the crj in AA colors bookmarked for eye candy purposes and I had to check. On page 26 there's this picture: If you zoom in onto the right nose gear door.. Same as the one from Fs Elite. I don't like to speculate and cause unnecessary hype, but does this mean reviewers have the bird now? Edit: There is a converted cr7 out which is why i wanted to make sure it wasn't that, I checked the available liveries and none of them mat
  9. Don't usually consider linking videos, but I found this one to be quite nice. Some cr9 eye candy, EKCH to EPWA. These have been my fix until we get it for the sim.
  10. True, anything for polish. Aside to this, I wonder how the crj delay effected the 900/1000, has it been delayed the same? Or will if be closer to the 550/700 release now? Cant wait for the first release, but when the 900 comes out I'll likely spend most of my time there as the airlines I fly most use it, or use it mostly. (ACA, SAS, AA, DAL, etc.)
  11. Second this, but it should be relatively straight forward why if you've flown other reasonably complex aircraft before, haven't flown a crj though, but that's my guess. Still would like to see it though, would want to also learn to think, not to just act.
  12. Gonna load up the sim somewhere at a stand, set up a nice sunset, and enjoy the view while reading all the the manuals. When I feel reasonably competent with the aircraft then I'll try things while keeping the books close. First gonna practice simple circuits, different go around scenarios, aborts, holds, and anything I need before going out and doing regular flights. Then practice quick turnarounds since I see myself doing at least a few sectors per session usually.
  13. No more posting dates, find the date that was only said once
  14. Honestly I'm just happy that it's *likely* this month... Aka 21 days or less!
  15. For any estimates you have, I'd add on at least a week to that since content creators and some reviewers will get the aircraft first. I think the earliest possible would be the 19th, but don't said it in stone.
  16. Welp... time to go highlight every single thing Mathijs has said on this thread.. just in case
  17. Dare I say.. Pilotedge? But honestly can't wait to sink hours and hours into the plane. The networks are gone be 98% regional jets. I usually fly for like 3-7 hours per flight, with the crj I cant wait to load up and do 3-6 short sectors with quick turnarounds, but I'll often do 3 hour hops too. Whenever Aerosoft releases I probably wont see sun light for a while, not like I am much now anyway
  18. Cant to fly the a330, I'm assuming this will be the final aircraft to come?
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