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  1. They said the *dates* are getting announced on Monday
  2. Will there be an episode about turnarounds? Aside to this, I've heard to minimize time on the ground you often would start planning the next flight before landing? Is this true and possible in this version?
  3. Surprisingly never really thought about it, if I had to pick it would be either ENVA with Aerosoft's scenery scenery or EKCH with Flytampa, no specific runways. Definitely gonna be operating the SAS cr9 in and out of the two quite a bit. But then thinking about where I actually am in the world, there a ton on fun Canadian airports I could name if given time, hard decision.
  4. Considering we will get the dates in monday, is it safe to say RC 1 has been reached yet?
  5. Really starting to consider a delivery trans Atlantic flight, stopping where need be. Edit: https://simpleflying.com/skywest-hop-crj700/ Check this out
  6. Gonna add that to my list of marathon routes that I have to fly (some fictional), now I have: CYVR - KDFW CYVR - KSFO KJFK - KSEA (With the necessary stops in-between, already flown direct in the 320n) CYYZ - CYVR (With the necessary stops in-between) KMIA - PANC (With as many stops as I need) Ideally I'd like to do each in one session with turnarounds and likely with the cr9. Still searching for way more marathon routes. Already have a plethora of real world and fictional normal length flights to do. Edit: Ã…rhus to Nice sounds pretty go
  7. I wonder if they'll wait for after sim update 3 on the 4th...? If they do, maybe the bird will have chemtrails on launch?
  8. Does the cockpit camera have a border around it? It is the only one that is movable and completely stable to aircraft, it's prefect for setting up custom views which are outside the cockpit (custom wing views).
  9. Very true, small price to pay for being able to purchase when they come out so not several at the same time. Probably going to end up rotating through the hanger every few weeks or months. In the long run, it'll be beneficial in a way. If one isn't working well, skip it and by the time you're back it's likely to be updated.
  10. 1. Crj 700-100 2. QW 787 3. Aerosoft a330 4. Pmdg 748 f 5. A319-21 (Gonna be watching the 32x closely since there is going to be a few to choose from)
  11. Q2. Strange, i might be blind but i don't see it here Unlike what we've seen previously? Have they removed it?
  12. People are excited for something they think may or may not be included and are keeping themselves busy while we wait.. oh no.. how could they..
  13. Playing the original video at 0.25 speed, If that's not it then my eyes are flexing.
  14. Were only paying attention to it now due to comments that were made a few pages ago, read and you'd see them
  15. I don't wanna speculate.... but I'm gonna. 1:29 This looks like wing flex. Sidenote: With the way they have the passengers are walking around, gsx will be on another level if it's like that.
  16. The project is still being developed, nothing is set in stone until you have a *recent* answer from someone who 100% knows. Take the cabin for example. I wouldn't mind if there isn't or is wingflex, but hey, I'm just glad to fly again.
  17. The cabin is amazing. However question, some time ago it was said the we weren't going to be able to display navigraph charts in the EFB oppon release. Does this still stand true? And second question, when I load with the most intense conditions in terms of terrain/ariport/weather scenery, with the latest a32nx & powered on, displays running, my game will usually hand around 30-35 fps. Considering this, should I be worried about performance with the crj?
  18. Read it, I guess a maybe now. That's just what they originally said.
  19. - Edit: read page 102, I guess its a maybe? not sure now
  20. Patience, it'll be a short wait from now, the crj is only the start of amazing aircraft coming to the sim for the future, eventually it might be hard to look back.
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