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  1. Peter, Sorry I didn't replied to this but I think I kind of got a little overwhelmed by the problem I had and kind of backed out. But I was looking at my content and saw the topic again. So I decided to give it a try after lots of hours uninstalling and reinstalling I got it working! You were right there was something left in that WinSxS folder so I deleted it and reinstalled FSX and CumulusX and it worked! So thank you very much! I think I didn't know what I was missing out back then.... yonieter
  2. thanks guys for the help and Peter thanks for the explanation that was exactly what I was looking for! I will try that out tomorrow If I find the time between my other schoolwork. So with that in mind I doubt this "project" of mine will make big progress in the next couple of days But then again thanks for giving a help. It saves me a lot of time jumping on Google since this is my very first "Make Airplane for FS" project yonieter oh and by the way If I get the canopy done and some other things I will post some screenshots! Update: Gmax somehow don't recognize my alpha-bitmap so I guess that I'm doing something wrong... So what is the best way to make that bitmap? I went to GIMP, created an 32-bit bitmap and added an alpha channel and I did that all in GIMP. But that didn't worked so what is the right way to do it? yonieter
  3. Thanks for the response. I promise I'll post it here when I think it's 100 percent done. As for the flight dynamics and the (frustrating) canopy I'll have to look into it a little more. But If I don't figure I will contact Bert, B21 or wolfgang so thanks for suggesting people who might be able to help me! Could be really useful knowledge for future models I'm planning to make(Antares, ASW12 and a ASG 29) yonieter
  4. I'm currently working on a ASK23 for Flight Simulator X and I think I'm pretty far now! I've got a Flying model and the virtual cockpit and the adding gauges are pretty much done. To be honest I only made a model and copied existing flight dynamics and gauges from other models. It's not yet done though. I have to make some animations and I'm really stuck on the canopy transparency(help anyone?) No screenshots yet because I would like to know how many people are actually interested in this airplane. so my question is: Who would be interested and would like to fly a ASK 23 in Flight Simulator X? best regards, yonieter
  5. yes that's what I was thinking but why didn't CumulusX! not show that? well anyways the problem is way bigger now I can't even start install or start CumulusX!(after manual install) because Windows(XP Media Center that's my operating system) sees some kind of error and has to close CumulusX! and apologizes for this, do you know what I can do against it? thanks in advance
  6. I was really surprised when I heard this because a while back I read something about Microsoft closing the studio who made numerous Flight Simulators back then my hope on a new Flight Simulator was totally gone. so I guess they have been working on a new one on the background.
  7. I just booted FSX(and automatically Cumulusx! and Winchx!) without touching cumulusx and it doesn't connect automatically. When I was in flight I alt-tabbed to cumulusx and still nothing happened then I clicked on connect still nothing. But when I close FSX and leave Cumulusx open then a message comes up: "CumulusX! was hit by an unexpected exception and has to close." Edit: ok, little update. I deinstalled SP2 and CumulusX! then reinstalled SP2 and tried reinstalling CumulusX! but now I have another problem when I click on the install cmd I get a error message and the CumulusX! install has to be stopped so I tried installing it manually and the same thing happened when I try to open CumulusX!(or when FSX autostarts it) do you have any solution or do I have to reinstall FSX and SP1,2 entirely? Edit2: I completely reinstalled FSX, SP1 and SP2 and tried installing CumulusX! and I got the same result when I clicked on Install.cmd an error came up saying an error occured in CumulusX! 1.8.0 and has to be closed. So I still don't have any luck with this
  8. thank you for your respond yes i could find fsuipc4 in the add on toolbar if that's what you're asking
  9. Hi all I have a problem with CumulusX! I hope this isn't brought up somewhere on this forum if it did I apologize my problem is that when I start FSX CumulusX starts perfectly automatic but I can't get it connected to FSX. everytime when I click on connect nothing happens... I don't understand it looks like FSX doesn't even notice that CumulusX! is running because I don't see anything in the add on toolbar during flight the same goes for WinchX! by the way but that a side. I hope that anyone can help me here because I'm really excited to use it. thanks in advance Regards, yonieter (p.s. sorry for my English)
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