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  1. yea, the problem is that the idle position is set just below the auto throttle so i decided to wait for the next firmware update. i already sent emails to thrustmaster support and they said that they are trying to integrate tca into fsx and microsoft flight games
  2. well, thats a bummer.. atleast there is a way to disable thrust to stop the idle position bug but i sacrifice reverse thrust
  3. also can fsx even use quadrant throttle? everytime i boot the game the throttle is set to the airelon and elevator trim??? its so confusing
  4. i would like some help on the settings and controls? i have drivers installed, i dont have the TARGET software. i just want some help because the throttle is a pain
  5. i went around this by finding out that the livery manager likes to display the number 1 on each section, so i just delete the liveries to let the ones i want to be my livery number 1, and also i have tried manually putting the folders into the airbus plane but didnt work
  6. Yes, I have the Airbus A320 and A321s CFM and IAE in the folder
  7. nope, i dont. i dont have any dlcs on FSX or have bought the Airbus dlc on the steam store.
  8. i am using FSX:SE, i believe it is on the correct folder it says its on C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/FSX right now
  9. have done that already, but it still doesnt work also i purchased via the website not steam, i have other liveries on it but it doesnt pop up such as the aerosoft ones.
  10. I am using a windows 10 operating system, gtx 550 ti and i'm pretty sure an i5 I installed them with livery manager and it displays on the manager but it does not pop up in the hangar Help appreciated
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