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  1. How about the planning based on weather? Does PFPX generate a route for us based on weather etc?
  2. May i ask how do PFPX make routes ? Based on real time information such as airspace restrictions ?
  3. (FPL-UAE147-IS -B77W/H-SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ/LB1 -OMDB0440 -N0498F340 RIDA3G RIDAP M557 TUMAK L602 TOLMO/N0492F360 L602 DAVUS UL602 RALKA G795 TASMI UL602 GADSI UM860 KUGOS L851 ADINA DCT KARIL DCT ABULI DCT MAKAL DCT HDO DCT POVEL DCT OSN/N0462F260 L980 AMSAN T281 NORKU DCT -EHAM0618 EHRD -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/201027 REG/AAA EET/OBBB0021 OKAC0055 ORBB0110 LTAA0211 UKFV0318 LRBB0340 LHCC0430 LZBB0441 LKAA0454 EDUU0518 EDVV0536 EHAA0558 RVR/75 PER/D -E/0802) This fpl wasnt validated and it says forbidden route something. Any idea what it is?
  4. Do you mind telling me which section of the AIP did they say that?
  5. Do you have any other source like this EuroControl Website where it validates fpl for you? Like for Asia , Australia , USA
  6. Sorry for posting 3 pictures. Idk why but it just posts 3 itself
  7. (FPL-BOX517-IS -B772/H-SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ/LB1 -VHHH0310 -K0946S0980 ATEN1E BEKOL A461 YIN G586 QP B330 ELKAL W179 XYO B330 YBL/K0924S1010 B330 GOBIN/K0912S1070 B330 MORIT/K0914S1060 B330 NIGOR/N0484F360 G122 EB A308 KD A575 SOMOD/N0488F380 A575 UNKIS P982 LIKNU R815 BIKRO N869 TU L29 VABER DCT KORUP/N0500F300 Z220 BEBKU T950 UWBAZ/N0505F280 T950 LUXBO -EDDP1125 EDDC -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/201027 REG/DDD EET/ZGZU0012 ZPKM0102 ZLHW0206 ZMUB0314 UNKL0448 UNNT0507 USTR0640 USSS0713 USPP0737 USKK0801 ULWW0829 UUWV0832 UMMV0934 EYVL0958 EPWW1010 EDUU1054 EDMM1107 PER/D -E/1252)
  8. Hi all, I m sure I've have turn on the avoid active restricted airspace option on the restricted airspace setting but why is pfpx still giving me a route through that area?
  9. There's so many link . I dont even know which one. Pardon me if i had to ask so many questions
  10. Okay. I've done the restrictive airspace but cant seem to find the text thing you were talking about .
  11. Hey. Thabks again for replying. Sorry but I m new to Pfpx can u tell me where to turn it on? Also I tried validating the route and it tells me some errors. Thanks
  12. Can anyone help me? Why am I getting all these messages and how to fix them? Am I doing something wrong? How to make pfpx not fly through all these restricted airspace?
  13. I've just downloaded these new RAD restrictions for PFPX with my current 2011 airac and how do i move those downloaded files into PFPX?
  14. @srcookeHey. Thanks for the quick respond. i am new to using NG FMS Data Manager so can u show me where to click? I clicked on the addons but it doesnt let me add
  15. Hello all, I just got my license code for PFPX and i noticed the database is 4 years old. I got a navigraph subscription so how can i update them to the 2011 airac cycle? Thanks!
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