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  1. Hey, really happy to see that the flaps and the spoilers now work on an axis so that they're compatible with the TCA addon levers and I'm sure many other peripherals. But I'm wondering if it's possible to make the Parking Brake and gear switch on the TCA addon work as well? They seem to function as a single button that is being pressed, which makes them flicker a lot in-game when activated as seen in the video below. It would be amazing if a solution for this was added to the CRJ at some point, as I'm sure a lot of people want to use the TCA quadrant set for the CRJ given how similar they are in design
  2. Increasing the render scaling will make the letters on the screens more readable, but it will also lower your performance a little. Might be worth checking out
  3. Noticed these in the latest Værnes update, looks incredibly cool
  4. Anyone with the new update that can confirm if the flaps on the TCA throttle addon now works with the CRJ?
  5. Yeah I regret it too, but I was too hyped and the Aerosoft shop just would not load that day 😥
  6. I guess I could make a wild guess too, Svolvær ENSH?
  7. Having lived many years on Svalbard I cant really say this looks like it, the mountains are much larger around the airport and the ice fjord
  8. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to apply sun visors on the CRJ 700, I'm probably missing something very simple but I cannot seem to find out how to activate them.
  9. Dont give up! I struggled a bunch too but eventually I figured it out, and it's really enjoyable once you get the hang of it. A couple of things that helped me was to practice maintaining my speed during landing and once the autopilot is off I trim the nose down a bit so that I have to actively hold the nose up during landing. I'm still pretty awful at it but I can feel myself getting better and that's half the fun
  10. Yeah I ran into the same issue, thanks for posting the solution
  11. Just wanted to say congratulations to Mathijs, Hans and everyone else on the CRJ development team and Aerosoft for this amazing product, been testing it out a bit and enjoying it very much. Looking forward to future releases
  12. Did they just increase the price on the stop? It was 42 euro for me when I first tried (and failed) buying it, now it's 50
  13. I do think we can expect it to be released on a clean hour, as in 17:00 rather than 17:23. So 16:00 coming up, fingers crossed
  14. Starting to regret quitting my job, leaving my wife, breaking up with my boyfriend and locking myself inside for this release, like how much longer is it gonna take? 😠
  15. Anyone know if the FS2Crew addon for the CRJ will release at the same time?
  16. This is like being 6 years old on Christmas eve, just let me open the packages already 🤪
  17. I think that's pretty standard, might be a licensing thing too where they agree on a certain amount of digital copies
  18. Will there be a collectors edition with a figurine, a fancy art book and a making off DVD?
  19. Good luck tomorrow! Hope everything works out well
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