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  1. I like so much this CRJ project for FS2020 @Mathijs Kok
  2. No guys... there’s no any error report (also Eventviewer). Anyway, is the same CTD problem as post @Manducci user in April... I am waiting for his reply... 🤔 Here is the link: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/152344-d3d10warpdll-a330-ctd/
  3. There’s no any message error @masterhawk 😕
  4. Hi guys: I'm getting random CTD's while flying the AIRBUS 330 product, I have a powerful PC, very updated software under latest version of Window 10, Prepar3D, etc... but it only happens with this add-on. I did read a post of the forum user: @Manducci (posted 22th of April), he said has fixed... but no any solution were report. Please I need help... I like this product of Aerosoft. Thank you very much!
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