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  1. I have a short question. My intention is not to insult anybody nor dor I to badmouth your work.. But in the follwoing picture you can see very detailed bar codes besides washed-out headlights. I mean the bar codes are so sharp that you might scan them and the headlights look like beeing imported as a whole from a low-resolution picture. Will it stay like thjs? If so, what is the reason? Please do not get me wrong, the pictures look awesome and I cant wait to get my hands on the CRJ. But what described above literally jumped into my eyes and now I cant unsee it.
  2. Mathijs, I was wondering if there is something like a roadmap for this project. If so, can you please give us a brief outlook on the further intermediate steps?
  3. And the way you do it is enlightening and amusing at the same time. Good division of labor from both of you!
  4. I have never doubted that and I really appreciate your efforts. And I expect a high-quality product, as always. Maybe this is why I am so impatient. 🙂
  5. My first post and I'm already whining. But is there maybe an update? I urgently need a regional jet. Thanks in advance
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