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  1. Hans, So any possibility of a 2D popout for the radios? Or is there any way to do this through the panel.cfg? Jonathan.
  2. Hi A-pilot, Thanks for the comment, very funny!. I did get a hold of some real panels and a seat off ebay, but everything else I pretty much made myself. The panels I didn't have are filled with Hispapanels replica's. He sells the entire CRJ set so not that difficult to get a home cockpit going. Difficult parts were the "korry" style switches, they took a lot of work, and modifying a CH yoke and Saitek throttles and of course, wiring and soldering! In fact modifying things is what took the longest, as no one really makes CRJ throttles or the bigger items on the sim.
  3. Hi Hans, First of all this is my first post on this forum - wanted to reach out and say thanks for making such an awesome aircraft. You and the Aerosoft team do amazing work. I decided a while back to build my home cockpit around the CRJ. Thought I would post some pics up. I know you guys are busy with MSFS now, but I do hope the P3D CRJ continues to be supported and I have one favor to ask - can you please make a 2D pop-out of the RTU screen ( no bezel ) or show me how to do it? It is literally the only thing missing in my sim now!! If your ever in Ari
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