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    Engine quits when one tank runs out of fuel

    I'm having this same problem, when a tank runs out of fuel the engine dies.
  2. WacUK

    Ibiza X Fsx Frame Rate Issue

    I gave your suggestions a go and all is now well! I switch them all off (I don't use AI Aircraft so that was already at 0%) and I now have a nice 50-60fps all the time. I then decided to try FSX a few times with a different option on to find the cause of the problem, and the winner is .... the Traffic Tool, but only when ships is enabled. Running Ibiza now with everything but ships enabled and I have no issues! Any idea why the ships may be causing an issue? I do have REX 2.0 installed, not sure if that will cause problems with the ships??
  3. Hello, I'm having frame rate problems with Ibiza X for FSX, it's the only addon scenery that is giving me issues and single digit frame rates, usuallly 7-9. I noticed the version I had installed was version 1.00 so I installed the 1.01 update which fixed the issue and gave me a nice 40-50 frames ... for about 10-15 seconds, then it went back to 7-9. I uninstalled the scenery and tried it without, 100+ frames. Reinstalled the scenery along with the 1.01 update and again I got 40-50 frames for about 10-15 seconds, now whenever I load the scenery I just get the 7-9 frames. Anyone seen this issue before, I could really use some help please. Other scenery I use is UK2000 Manchester, UK2000 Belfast and Aerosoft Arlanda - Stockholm, all have about a 30-50 frame rate. I also use AES for all these airports and I have FS Global 2008 mesh installed.