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  1. I never use any of those programs and have 276 GB of data in community alone, takes 3 minutes to load into menu and maybe another 3 to load into a airport. I hardly have issues and most of them are due to some add-on/mod that is not compatible anymore after a update. The only thing I do is disable a lot of background processes and remove a load of crap companies install these days that arn't needed to have a working OS.
  2. What's the reason to use symbolic links over direct community folder installing? I'm not a fan of spreading my install folders to other places then where they "should" be.
  3. Just bought Friedrichshafen and the quality is very poor, low resolution textures probably straight from FSX. I dont understand why not a bit of time was spend updating at the least the airport textures to todays standard. No interior for the main building, not even a parralax texture to give the impression something is there. Compared to the excellent Bonaire and the free Paderborn this is a dissapointment, even the autogen in the area is of a much higher quality
  4. Yes indeed, the hitbox around the spoiler is rather big and in a normal view angle it's hard to push the clr key.
  5. Maybe a stupid question, did you press EXEC after loading the plan?
  6. Hi, there is also a transparent texture on the lights panel.
  7. LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_SEL" Value="10" ValueOperation="Increment" /> LVAR:ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE" Value="1" ValueOperation="Set"> LVAR's for knob turn and alt modifier.
  8. Time to use headphones over headphones then.
  9. I really hope there will be a axis implemented to control the flaps on the TCA, As I have a problem using a switch (gear up button 5 / gear down button 6) on the Logitech Throttle Quadrant that whenever I use the gear up it shuts down the plane and losing the flightplan. There is nothing else programmed on that button.
  10. Be sure to calibrate the TCA with the (included in the box) metal pin attached to both throttle handles. This will keep both handles more in sync.
  11. Any keyboard or hardware button function for Idle / Shutoff Release latches? The TCA throttle wont move the handle forward (works fine on reverse, idle and up to max) after releasing them with a mouse. It's kind of a hassle moving two seperate throttle handles in the cockpit with a mouse).
  12. Found another topic that was just created with the issue, this can be removed.
  13. Thanks a lot for your reply Mathijs. I was very lucky to get my hands on the TCA and addons and understand it's a problem for you guys. If a dev is near Den Bosch (or in a decent drivable radius i'm happy to lend the add-on)
  14. This is a nice way to calibrate the throttle, does it also work with the flap and brake add-on? Hopefully Asobo implements this into MSFS also.
  15. Real pilots work by the book, you sure you dont need a noob smashing buttons and knobs and break things?
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