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  1. Again I find myself thanking Aerosoft for their kindness in throwing screenshots competitions. I won the February comp (I dont know how) and I chose the ERJ 170/190 and am posting a few shots to show my appreciation.
  2. Wow absolutely stunned!!!!!! I never thought I had a chance with all the great entries here. Thanks once again to Shaun and Aerosoft. Ive stoppped using that email because its full of spam. I have created a new acoount at Aerosoft shop also. I will pm you my new email. Thanks once again :D
  3. Some great entries this month, good luck to all heres my entry.
  4. No chance of making an educated guess on this one, so heres my caption/lol This is a ...... jet powered Beetle as seen below
  5. Thank you very much again Holgi. Where would we be without you ?
  6. loool good one Mathijs, had me scratching my head all day!!!!!
  7. Caption GPWS system going mad....."glideslope....glideslope" - Captain is a "retard"...."retard"
  8. Caption "Aeroflot 994, Give way to the flying turtle on your right over"
  9. Thank You Holgi you are very very kind!!!!!! Much Appreciated
  10. A few screens of preparation for departure for PIA 777-200ER AP-BGL at Birmingham UK (BHX) with AES 2.20. Im liking the weathered look of the vehicles textures great stuff.Thank you Oliver. Cant wait for the full release.
  11. Bump !!!!! Anyone want to have a go ? (Holgi) lol .We are opening a new VA soon Virtual Air Blue so the repaint is much needed, sorry to be a pain but thanks in advance.
  12. Keeping in line with the "Theme" and as long as changing entry's is allowed heres my re-submitted entry. Welcome to Manchester Please click for full screen
  13. Hmm interesting thanks for the screens may take the plunge from FSX when its released. The sensation of flying through them clouds, Mathijs may have sold it to me
  14. Love the lighting WOW! but the clouds just dont look right, more like "painted" arty look.....or it it just me ?
  15. Although Bloom is best turned off, it brings the night lights alive, I experimented on my system no FPS hit whatsoever, I think Im gonna leave it on in future. Just a few of Lufthansa Cargo MD11 at EGNX. Enjoy.
  16. On approach to EHAM with PIA 777 AP-BGL with the stunning NL2000 freeware Photoscenery.
  17. Good luck to all - heres my entry, On approach to Matekane Airstrip
  18. Sorry to be a pain, since Holgi's Airblue Repaint of the A321 AP-BRJ has been returned to its owners and no longer flies for Airblue . I was wondering If any of you talented guys ( or Holgi) could to for a repaint of the Airblue A320 AP-EDA . pics below http://www.jetphotos....php?id=7102757 http://www.jetphotos....php?id=6629903 http://www.jetphotos....php?id=7019707 Thanks Guys
  19. Sorry for the late reply guys, thanks for the comments yes Paul, the MCphat HD liveries are well worth it in my opinion and there are some free ones for this bird on avsim/flightsim - AP system still takes a bit of getting used to. The base is just something I created using FSEarthtiles link below, I prefer photoreal approaches better than stock FSX for sure. Like tileproxy but any base you create acts as addon scenery and is permanent. Finally PaulM thanks for the interesting info I always wondered what this object was now I know, having only travelled once to Saudi myself, the OERK scenery is from FSnabisso after much searching the link is below just place in addon scenery folder and activate.
  20. Just a few shots of PMDG MD11F in Mcphat HD liveries.. Enjoy
  21. Happy Birthday Holgi (hope im not too late) have a great birthday!
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