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  1. Pleased to report, completed a bock to block flight for the first time of many previous attempts. thank you for the help (and looking forward to a GE CF6 engine, cough cough.... hahaha) regards
  2. wilco Bob. Thank you. I will make the required adjustments, install update when released etc. Will report back here if the same keeps happening after the update.
  3. ok, i checked and their isnt a windows event for when it crashes with an appropriate time stamp. It just goes straight to a weird windows update screen. the aircraft version is and the P3D
  4. Hi there i will check when i get home next week. Where will i find them? Also, apologies about my name. It isnt a reference to the plane. It is a joke in regards to Kerble, a space game.
  5. Hi all. I am getting a Crash of my whole PC (not CTD) always near the TOD or in the descent. It is happening only with this A330. Did multiple sectors (back to back) without issue in other products. in the A330 I cannot complete 1 single sector. Fortunately a hard reset of my PC fixes everything, but I cannot continue to force these hard resets. Any help?
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