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  1. Hello, I bought this scenery via the X-Plane.org store but the manual states support can be asked on this forum so I hope that is okay. One "issue" I noticed is that according to Navigraph simlink I'm not correctly aligned with the taxiway according to the navdata but I am on the scenery. Betterpushback saves previously used pushbacks at gates you were at before and it also confirms this as my previous pushbacks are not aligned with the taxiways on the scenery. (they were before with the well known freeware version). Either way not a huge problem it's still roughly accu
  2. Thank you for answering so quick, great news. Very much looking forward to seeing this and the Aerosoft Airbus family on MSFS.
  3. Forgive me for maybe asking a stupid question, but will the CRJ (package?) for MSFS include the 550/700/900/1000? I've read somewhere that it's the 700/900, but also have heard it's just the 700, and somewhere else again that it's all of them. Regardless, very impressed with what you've shown so far, I hope the issues can be resolved soon and it will be released in the upcoming months
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