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  1. I know. Just wondering if a good A350 will be developed by AS or other companies one day It is my favourite long-haul aircraft.
  2. Thank you I think I will when that day comes
  3. I'll stay on FSX in the coming years because it takes less disk space. But I'll definitely consider moving to P3DV5 after an A350 is developed(if doesn't support FSX)
  4. I see This means that there will never be any A350 for FSX/P3Dv1-3,. But there might be one on P3DV4-5/XP11/MSFS2020 Am I right?
  5. I want to fly an A350 in my sim(FSX). However I can't find a suitable one. All A350 models I could find were either 2D panel only, or the VC are A330 ones. Does Aerosoft have an A350 aircraft? Or can anyone recommend me one that is like a real a350? Thanks.
  6. Recently I purchased the 'Flight Crew A320 button control' from another forum and installed it, however when I attempt to start the app, this window appeared. It says that I don't have an internet connection but that time my internet connection is normal. I tried many ways to solve this problem(e.g. restart; reinstall and so on) but it didn't work. I am using windows 10 and the simulation platform is FSX(Aerosoft Airbus A320 and FS2CREW--RAASprofessional (LOCKED)installed)
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