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  1. Thanks Mathijs! It looks like custom painted prop hubs works as soon as the engines are shut down. But the spinning prop hubs seems to use the default textures (chrome). This also goes for the spinning props (propdisks). I made custom files for the spinning props, but it seems like the default textures are used. Files that are affected (on my Widerøe LN-BEN): "DHC6_300_EX_WHELS_PAX_PROP_BLUR_ALBEDO.PNG.DDS" "DHC6_300_EX_WHELS_PAX_PROPHUB_BLUR_ALBEDO.PNG.DDS" "DHC6_300_EX_WHELS_PAX_PROPHUB_SLOW_ALBEDO.PNG.DDS"
  2. For many years the Widerøe Twin Otters were a common sight along the coast line of Norway. Nick named "The Crow" by pilots, the Twin Otters flew under most weather conditions as they operated short-houl airports all over Norway. I am about to make a livery in early Widerøe colors. This is the colors used by Widerøe in the seventies an early eighties. Still WIP ( I am trying to make the glass textures a thad clearer among others). I am still not quite familiar with paintig by the use of Blender. So the paint kit was much appreciated (thanks).
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