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  1. So now we have found 25 mistakes in the video so where are our 25 crj? And the bigger Question where is the release datum?
  2. I am questioning myself how many are wating for the release in the moment. What do you think how many are watching the forum in the moment?
  3. Ich habe das selbe Problem wie ihr und w├╝rde mich sehr freuen wenn dieser Fehler behoben wird!
  4. Good morning Mathijs kok, I have searched the last two days before I opened this group and only found the following witch expaline my problem: Error Installation Paderborn By Kitti, August 27 in World & Scenery a have done what mopperle explained to do but it still does not work! In the last years I bought multiple addons for Aerofly FS2 over Seam from you and now I have bought the FS 2020 from the Microsoft store and your free (what I am very happy about) addon is not working, so I would be very glad if the team at Aer
  5. When I try to install the airport I get asked about the language and then after that the error get shown.
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