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  1. Hello "ginoleopoldo". If you look in page 2 of this threat you can see that Bob made a step by step "guide" which explains the correct deintallation of the product.
  2. Hello Andy, Your input is much appreciated and I totally agree that people should "behave" so to say. The other side is that in your case the service pack works but for others it does not. The spoiler issue is absolutely not solved in my case. It still disarms when throttles goes to idle. We are getting a lot of feedback from people who have everything working, which is great. But there are still a lot of cases in which it does not work. I am an example, all issues remain as they were in the V1.0. Now I believe that I am doing something wrong, no doubt. Either in my way of uninstalling or my Saitek setup. I also believe that these are very hard issues to solve, since there are numerous combinations in setup, software and hardware, which makes it very hard. Fact remains, that I (and others) have issues with the airbus which are a bit "frustrating" so to say. I am absolutely in love with this aircraft, it's stunning. I'm also very happy with the quick service packs. All I'm saying is that I can understand that some of us are a bit dissapointed / frustrated that we cannot fly the Airbus as we would like. Your statement is therefore a bit "harsh" and easy, because you have everything working and this threat is made by people where it does not work. We should behave us all though, totally agreed. Not ment offensive in any way, just something to take into account I think.
  3. Yeay, it's really frustrating that it works for some and for others it's absolutely not possible to get the correct climb / cruise speed. We have seen many screenshots from different users who are clearly cruising this beauty way in the .7 mach numbers.....(which actually makes it even more frustrating for me ) I am more than happy to help out, but as Ralf allready stated in the first page of this threat, I really do not know what could be vital information for the developers. They are the only ones that can assist in this. I am very happy that Bob gives us information on what to delete etc. but to be honest I really don't know where the problem can be....Is everybody in the beta team able to get the correct cruise speeds? I do not tweak my fs, and everything is pretty standard execpt for some aerosoft scenery's......what on earth could we be doing wrong I ask myself?
  4. I will do the same Bob. Will uninstall and remove all entries in the .cfg file. & DLL.xml file. Maybe something was left behind. Will report back, fingers crossed
  5. Not that I can deny it is related to that, but personally I am not using any weather programs. Standard FSX with only aerosoft scenery addons, AES & a certain MD-11 (the well known one).
  6. It could be a screenshot I made, same situation...
  7. Hello Bob, I read the same things here on the forum, it;s very strange. Some people have this issue and some don't. It's not that I don't believe the people that don't have the problem, but I personally am jealous at your situation;) I really do not have this view in my cockpit. It stays at .71 max, and keeps losing speed on the climbout, it's as simple as that.....I really would like to see what others, you, are seeing, but it's just not the case. I did use the A320 CFM Iberia livery.
  8. Thank you for your input, but I have done all you described above....complete uninstall, double checking all folders were gone and installed new version. The climb is improved in the way it climbs faster now. But still it is keep losing speed and does not go any faster than mach .71. I even tried decending to a lower flightlevel, speed picking up and when i reached the new altitude it slowed donw again to .71:(
  9. unfortunately yes, i still have the same issue! I don't get past mach .71 what ever I try...really frustating bug this one.....
  10. Thanks william & mathijs, all clear.
  11. hey guys! Just bought the wonderfull scenery yesterday, stunning destination for the new airbus! Just a small question I did not find an answer to in the manual or here on the forum. Does LXGB have any kind of approach charts available, or is that not present at this airport? Most of the times it is included in the download or it is mentioned on the product page where they can be downloaded. It's not a very big issue since the runway is pretty straigt forward, but just out of curiosity ... Thanks. [EDIT] I found some good approach charts! search for "LXGB approach charts" in a search engine and it should be on of the first in .pdf format.
  12. Thanks Mathijs, no problem! I have to read the charts well, and I will be fine
  13. Maybe a bit a silly question guys.... All views work fine, I like the preset views as well! Now my question; I can't find the wingview? Most of the aircraft in my hanger have this view when cycling thru the VC views, but on the airbus I cannot find them. I thought I have tried all views, but I really cannot find the wingview. I know it's there because I can see many posts regarding the wingview...Sorry, if anybody can help out
  14. I agree! I'm falling in love with this bird the longer I fly it. With the hotfix being out, which solves some annoying (but small ) issues, the tweaks for refresh rates on the display's, I can't wait to give it another try! But I am also curious about the runway showing up in the ND. In the tutoriol you can see this in your picture attached, and also on page 4 part 1.1.2. Untill now I was quite wel able to find correct headings etc. but with a runway showing up, it's just a bit easier . I was not able to find options in the MCDU for selecting runway, so I assume this is not possible. Any information on this? William
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