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  1. Thanks, now I know, Sensitivities and deadzones gone with latest patch
  2. I have a ch yoke, setting works, but sensitivity doesn't work. see Appendix
  3. Today my copy arrived. End good all good. Thank you
  4. On July 17, 2020, I ordered Microsoft Flight Simulator ORDER Number: 2447853. Have already sent an email to your helpdesk, this was answered 4 days later with we do our best to ship this as quickly as possible. My question is when can I expect that? Products Ordered: 1 x MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR PREMIUM DELUXE PRE-ORDER BOX () = EUR 129..99 Sold and dispatched by Aerosoft Hardware Sub-Total: EUR 129.99 Shipping for Aerosoft Hardware products to BE (UPS, EUR 8.95) EUR 8.95 included Ta
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