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  1. haha Thanks for the info, but that was absolutely not my question 😄 I have not bought any aircraft yet.
  2. Hey there, I just came across the videos of the CRJ and saw one video where a checklist within the CRJ System was used. It looks like this is just a text checklist with no further assistance or Co Pilot. Aerosoft introduced their own Copilot function with the A320 and this really made the cockpit come alive. I had high hopes AS would bring that feature to the next Generation of aircraft as well. Or at some point use the MS integrated checklists as they already come with voices and visual assistance. So I am wondering if the MS integrated Checklist /Co Pilot function will be used
  3. Thanks for the info - great to hear it wont be just ports to the new Sim! Thats why I am willing to pay full price for each Masterpiece. To be honest I bought the A320 from Aerosoft because of the Audio Checklist feature. The Cockpit really came alive with that! Are there any plans on how you will deal with that in the future, also with other aircraft? MSF2020 comes with its own checklist system - can it be combined with what you did in the A320? The MSF Checklists have their benefits, easy to access, can repeat things...however they don't kick in depending on the flight phase nor do they
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