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  1. I created a post/guide as to how I did this. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/155508-create-an-iso-of-dvd-disk-1-so-you-dont-have-to-have-it-inserted-every-time/ HTH
  2. For those of you who purchased the physical boxed set of MS Flight Simulator 2020 you were probably surprised (and annoyed) that you have to have DVD Disk 1 inserted into your DVD drive before you play the game (every time you play). I got round this by creating an ISO image of DVD Disk 1 and have that 'mounted' as a virtual DVD drive. This means I can disconnect my physical DVD drive (which is an external/portable one) and still play the game. It detects the virtual DVD drive with the 'disk inserted'. A PDF guide is attached. I accept no liability whatsoever... But it works for me. MSFS2020 - Virtual Disk From ISO Copy Of Disk 1.pdf
  3. There are various freeware utilities for creating an ISO - google is your friend (other search engines are available...) For mounting an ISO file to a drive letter - Windows 10 has this feature built in (I just doubled clicked on the ISO file I created and it mounted as a new drive letter). Suspect you need to make the volume name the same as the original DVD ('MFS Disk 1') - which is what I did. HTH Mathjis - understood - if Microsoft said you had to do it then fine - but still think you need to make this clear on the product sales page.
  4. Ditto - if I had known of this requirement I also would have ordered the download only version - not a great start to the new Flight Simulator Experience really. Customers definitely need to be made aware of this BEFORE ordering the boxed version. I have got round this by creating an ISO of disk1 and now have it permanently mounted as a disk image - DVD drive and DVD no longer required. Validation of a physical disk is SOOOOOOO antiquated. Thanks all for prompt replies.
  5. Bought Premium Deluxe version (boxed set) via Aerosoft. Installation went OK. Game runs OK. But... On starting the game it wants to see Game Disk 1 in a DVD drive before it will start. I connected an external DVD drive to install the game - it is not something I want/need to keep connected. Does the game really need to verify the presence of Disk 1 every time ? - in which I case I'm wishing I had bought the download version : ( Any help gratefully received. R.
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