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  1. Dear Aerosoft Developers, I am a user of Xplane. I am very thankful for your scenery LEMD. It is very good but has a big issue because I cannot combine it with SpainUHD. SpainUHD is a central element of my flights in Spain and LEMD is the central airport, could be both combined? May I kindly ask you to allow during the installation include the possibility of using SpainUHD? Thanks and best regards!
  2. 🙂 I will try with WED because there are still a couple of minor things but for me it is anyway better than without SpainUHD. Without SpainUHD the immersion is killed...
  3. It is not probably the way to do that. I just was doing some tests and I used the dsf file of https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/56641-lemd-madrid-barajas/ probably there are some differences but SpainUHD it is working and the rest of the airport seems ok to me. Maybe can the dsf file can be modified with WED. That will be the best way probably if the files of aerosoft are accesible with WED
  4. By the way I succeded to change the file +40-004.dsf in the mesh folder of the LEMD airport and it is now compatible with SpainUHD
  5. Of course but I can criticise as customer also the way I want 😉
  6. Thanks Luis for the clarification. I think it is not adequate how this airport was released. SpainUHD is a standard tool that many people use for Spain. I cannot understand why Aerosoft did not make it compatible with SpainUHD.....Or at least why do Aerosoft gives the possibility of not using the aerosoft ortho with LEMD?
  7. Hi There was an old topic to which I refer Unfortunatelly it is still not solved. I have also orbx installed but the problem is aerosoft Zurich airport because when I deinstall it the things become normal. I wonder if there will be an update somewhen.... Pieces of earth are wrong, roads are completely wrong that it is not the quality I would expect from such a product: and specially when the problems are so long known..... Thanks for the reply
  8. Ok I see what you mean. I tried with the ILS and this does not affect the addon airport. Although I see the ILS in the P3D window when choosing the airport. Nevermind, there is then another equivalent (to the default one) in the addon airport folder with the elevation, is that correct? Is there a way to try here to make something similar with the ILS or something else?
  9. Do you mean that the only one that can be modified to include two ILS is the default airport but not the addon airport?
  10. Oliver could you please put here the file with the two ILS for La Palma or at least the bgl file for Madeira so that I see what you mean with double ILS. I made now a test with a double ILS but I have the impresion that is not working.... Thanks!
  11. Many thanks Oliver for the explanation. You are right I had a file there that was not part of the original. I have tested many things... I will try to make a second ILS in Runway 36. I hope the way I do it is the correct one with the airport design editor and then find the scenery file of GCLA. I added the ILS and compiled it and finally replaced in the folder shown below:
  12. Thanks Oliver for the answer. I wonder how does it work. Is there a file that shows the AI aircraft which height to have in each part of the approach? Which file is it? I was observing that bigger aircraft (like A320) do not land either in the default airport. The problem is that the height restriction of 4500 ft at CQ36 in the picture below is not respected and the aircraft is at this point at about 6500ft. From this point is practically impossible to have a good approach. I wonder where the height of 4500ft is defined for the AI aircraft. Maybe it is this value bad defined for CQ36 In some forums I saw that it was spoken about a file that can be changed to solve it but I did not find this file in the version for P3DV5 and I dont know if is the same like in FSX. These are the files I see in the scenery folder of GCLA Sim-wings:
  13. I wonder how long does it take until there is a reply at least from the aerosoft/sim-wings support...
  14. Update: After some changes (extended ILS) in the added ILS the smaller AI aircraft like ATR can land with some difficulties. The bigger like Airbus and Boeing cannot land.
  15. As additional information by disabling the GCLA airport of sim-wings and taking the default airport for GCLA, the AI aircraft is landing correctly.
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