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  1. Testing the just published procedure, I flew my bird from Luxembourg to Andras Field. I had to fool the FMS with a flightplan ELLX to EDDM via MERSI and KPT. Approaching KPT I took command on heading and turn to follow the 135R from KPT to the ILS rwy 09. It was a perfect procedure and performed without any problem.. Here are some screenshoots of the ILS and the new visitor to Andras. IBERIA A319 75th Anniversary Ramón Established on the ILS, a little up on the GS Reverse and autobreaks set to medium Engines out, waiting for deboarding. UauH! It's cold!
  2. Another minor niggle: Spelling the SID's I think KEMPTEN2W and KEMPTEN2E have changed their positon. I suppose 2W is the departure westbound and 2E eastbound, as we can see at the graphic. But at the description of the SID's the names are on the wrong position. 2W should have a RT to KPT and 2E LT. Very nice job
  3. Well, I do'nt know why the picture does'nt download. Next attemp
  4. This one is dedicated to you, Matt. Have a look at the advertissment just in front of my plane. And I'm very happy now: my FSx dos'nt run Out of Memory any more(At least for the moment) So 'Ill be able to fly on-line in the next days Regards
  5. Happy New Year to all of you at Andras Field, from the Grumeti Mobile Tent Camp at the Serengeti National Park. First image is the A400M parked at Kilimanjaro Airport. On the second one you can see my AA-Club C152 overflying an small group of elephants. Y flew it from EAFS to Lelystad(Netherlands) where , after removing the wings, it was loaded into an Airbus A400M. Then, this one went direct to HTKJ, Kilimanjaro. Once the C152 was ready, the route was to HTAR, Arusha, and HTSN, Seronera, the main Serengeti airfield. And finally to Grumeti airfield. Best regards: Ramón
  6. Thanks Lars. I'll try to do it, so far that my PC lets me acomplish the task before running out of memory. And, by the way, I never used before GPS on gliders, so it would be a good way to learn it Please, let me post an Off-Topic: As a former Spanish ATC, I ask you to support Real Spanish ATC who have been forced to strike by the unconstitutional action of the Gouvernement and now are under military lows. Imagine how the air security can be affected, nothing to say about Civil and Human Rights Thanks
  7. Murf, let me help you in two points: 1) Since september, I'm using SqwakWin whitout any problem. But every time I connect to the server, I receive a message telling me that my 5509 port is closed. I spent days trying to open it in both, the PC and the router apparently with succes. But I have always the same message. The best part is that, even with the port closed, I can connect to the server. 2) I've been flying in SATCO/VATSIM since 1997(Oh my God,13 years). First with SB and then with FSInn. They are both installed in my FSX and never have to disconnect or deactivate any of them. So, in my opinion, you d'ont have to act in any of this programs to get a good connection to the VAE server. Hope this will help you
  8. Hey! Please, next time advise before shooting down(if there has not been an accident) I felt myself guilty and almost asleep thinking I've done something wrong on my computer. Nice to read you again
  9. Maybe this would help anybody having doubts with the phraseology. Starting at chapter 3 you can find general phraseology for any situation while flying. Looks very complex, but after a quick look you'll find easy. http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP413.PDF
  10. Oh! Sorry Matt. For me both accents sounds very good and I feel jalous when I hear one of them. But I lived in Wimbledon for two months, wich is closer to Oxford than Cambridge, so thats the reason I mencioned it
  11. Hi John: My english is not so good than yours. But to fly online you do'nt need to have an Oxford accent. You only need to have a good knowledge of the aeronautical phraseology. For more than 30 years I've been controlling REAL traffic as an ATC in Madrid Control Center and never had a problem with my language. Because I allways used the right phraseology at the right moment and that is understood by a British, American, Russian or Spanish pilots. Anyway, if we meet tomorrow at the FSWeekend I may help you in clarifying the doubts you would have. That's apply to everyone who need any help on phraseology or operational procedures. Hope to meet you tomorrow
  12. Lars: I would like to have one of this kind of events. While a former Glider pilot, I'm not very expert on FS gliding. It would be a good way to get some experience Thanks
  13. Henk I'm already in Leiden and ready to go to Lelystad the 7th. I'm planning to arrive about 11 in the morning. I'll be wearing a red overcoat and the patch with the AA-Club membership card over my left pocket. Hope to meet John Giezen and you Ramon
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