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  1. 3 hours ago, Michael Pitaev said:

    Installed the hotfix however it did not get rid of a problem that I had with PFPX asking/offering to "Find Destination Alternate Routes". It gave me DCT routes to the alternates, which is totally fine, but then the bar does not change to the next step, for example "Release Flight". I know I can press compute flight on the top left but still would like this to be fixed, as keeping to press "Find Destination Alternate Routes" has no effect at all


    Likely because the alternates chosen by PFPX aren't being fed a route correctly. I replicated your flight plan in PFPX, changed all the alternates to larger fields and it went through just fine.

  2. Hi guys,

    I've been a regular user of AES for FS2004 and I can't express my feeing in words how AES has finally made flight simulators realistic! I've been using AES support on many airports and I love it.

    However, I recently started using PSS 777 and combining it with AES started giving me problems. All aspects of AES works fine except push back on this aircraft. Now, hold your horses. I have set up AES parameters for this particular aircraft (setting the nose wheel position, etc) and thats set exactly to where it should be on the aircraft. The problem comes towards the end of the push back phase when I'm asked to 'set parking brakes' and the push back tug disconnects the nose wheel, my aircrafts nose lands right on the ground with the nose wheel through the ground and up comes the big green sign 'CRASH'. This has not happened at just one airport with AES support - it happens at all of them and only with AES.

    So support gurus, throw some light on this and help me out.

    Thanks in advance :)

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