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  1. Hi Thorsten, Just wondering if the scenery will be released by Christmas ?
  2. Thank you very much for the update Thorsten. Is the FS9 version as well as the FSX version ready to be released next week?
  3. Will the FSX and FS9 version both be available on the 8th??
  4. Thorsten are you at the position yet to give us a release date? Thank You
  5. Would have been a great seller, but hey never mind. Thank you very much Shaun for finding out for us.
  6. Can anybody from Aerosoft confirm the decision of an FS2004 version for Faro X ?? Please could you let us know.
  7. Will Larnaca for FSX and FS9 be finished before moving on to Iceland?
  8. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody could set me straight about Faro X for fs9. Is there going to be a new FS9 Version of Faro, or is it going to still be the old LTU version. In another topic to do with Far, many said that there wouldn't be an FS9 version as it would be the old LTU. But then according to somebody else they had spoken to one of the aerosoft staff who said that there would be an FS9 version of Faro X. Could any of the Aerosoft staff confirm that there is going to be a FARO X for FS9? Thank You
  9. Has the Faro X for FS9 been released ??
  10. Will the fsx version be released before fs9 ?
  11. Any updates on the progress of Larnaca ?
  12. I thought that there would be a FS9 version of this new Faro scenery. By looking at the aerosoft website it says in the description of FARO X "An FS2004 version is planned for later this summer."
  13. Is there an actual date yet set for the release of the FS2004 version for Faro?
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