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  1. Sorry M, i thought I just had a general query but youre quite right. Hopefully will remember in future. Rory
  2. Hi guys, I have both the A320/21 and A330. Do I have to download the updates separately for both versions or does one update apply to both versions? Reading through the fixes for A320 its also mentioning fixes for A330. Many thanks Rory
  3. Hi Guys, As the title says...I downloaded the A330 last Thursday, I think but on following the documentation with regards to using the configurator, I cannot see any reference to FADEC. I attach a jpg image. Any reason for this or has it been taken off the configurator? Many thanks, Rory
  4. Thanks for the link Shaun. I read through it but it didnt really help me. Rory
  5. Hiya, I've recently bought Approaching Innsbruck download from FS Pilot shop. However, there appears to be only one parking spot allocated to commercial traffic. I've only seen an Austrian Arrows Dash 8 and an Air Berlin Airbus, both of which (not at the same time though) use the same parking spot. I use Flight 1's Ultimate traffic2. I posted in the UT2 forum and they basically said that I should check the AFCAD as problems often occur with add on airports - however I have quite a few Aerosoft add ons and dont have any problems with any with regards to AI traffic parked at the gate. Therefore, is this likely to be a fault with the AFCAD as they suggest? Or is there something I can check on (not sure how to check on the AFCAD though) Is there an AFCAD available that I can install that will work with Approaching Innsbruck? Regards Rory
  6. Ok Sir, many thanks for that. I have downloaded and run the update which is now installed. Before I posted here I did check the auto update facility on FDC but it told me my version was up to date which is why I thought I had the latest version. I do now however have another problem but I'll post on the oncourse forum. Rory
  7. Hiya, I've recently installed Wilco airbus series 1 Evolution for FSX. When I try and use FDC Live cockpit I'm experiencing a freeze then a fatal error. This usually happens after setting up and connecting FDC and when I start to program the FMGC. I dont have any problems with the program with other aircraft. My version of FDC is 3.6 which I believe is the latest update. Is this a known fault or is there anything I can try? I did a search on here but didnt find anything. OS is Windows 7 64 bit. Regards Rory
  8. Ok just downloaded the cfg file for the airbus. Thats sorted it now! Many thanks for that. Rory
  9. Im referring to the right side front and rear cargo doors. On other aircraft the baggage trucks/trolleys approach and stop at the cargo doors but with the Airbus evolution aircraft they do not, they just dont appear at all. Rory
  10. Hi, I've just bought and installed Wilco's Airbus Evolution series 1. However, now I do not have any simulated baggage loading with the A320. I've reset the parameters but I only get either the airbridge or stairs to the front and rear left side of the aircraft. The catering and cleaning trucks come on request so no prob with those either. Switching to, say the A380, the baggage trolleys appear no problem. Any idea whats going on? There was no problem with the original Airbus vol 1. Regards Rory
  11. I did notice when I ordered Vienna that it was flytampa. I was expecting an Aerosoft product acually - does that mean there isnt acually an Aerosoft version, just the Flytampa? Just checked on the Flytampa site. I looked at a couple of posts and got the impression that the AI vehicles have been omitted on purpose, unless you have AES. Thats rather a disappointment. Rory
  12. Hi Shaun. Sorted the Frankfurt update now thanks. With regards to Vienna though, adjusting the airport traffic density as suggested in the manual results in no moving vehicles at all. Increasing density to maximum and tootling around the airport, I managed to see a total of just 3 moving vehicles. There are loads of static ones! I then switched to Munich with the same settings and saw quite a few moving vehicles - baggage trains, buses etc. Should I try a reinstall do you think? Rory
  13. Ok sir, thankyou for the reply. Rory
  14. Will there ever be AES to cover default airports that are unlikely to ever be elevated to add on scenery status? I do have various add on airports and use AES but I also fly out of default airports. Just wondered why you can make AES for the default Nuremburg and not for any others? Regards Rory
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